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July 2011

  • Chicago

    Once Upon a Dairy Farm

    On Pinterest, I created a Summer Living List of things that I do as well as others I’d like to explore this summer. One of the activities that made it to…

  • Gardening

    Rude Cabbage Worms and Remedies

    Last month, I noticed a white butterfly fluttering around our garden. I immediately found it’s activity to be quite suspicious. It would not go away. There was something in our garden…

  • Kids

    Tuesday’s Mini Playdate

    Tuesday’s mini playdate was a success! Why mini? Well, because there were 10 kids missing. Whoa, right? But families go on vacations, kids get sick, and important errands must be run.…

  • Kids

    Playdate Prep

    So it’s almost time for the playdate that I’m planning and I’m so excited and kind of worried. The weather forecast for next Tuesday is 83 degrees with a 20-40% chance…

  • Life & Quirks

    Pop, Sparkle, Shew!

    Our Fourth was what I’d call another freestyled Fourth. We did add sparklers and Pop-Its ($2 a pack, woohoo) to our little celebration and in true Sheena fashion, window clings ($1…

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