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Just Because Life is a Special Occasion

Last week, I bought new notebooks and pens. I need to write more, whatever it may be. I write ideas and countless to-do lists because if I don’t write it, I forget it. Digital reminders just won’t do. I am always quick to send an email or text. My handwriting is less than desired andContinue Reading

Family Gamerz

Playing video games was one of my favorite pastimes as a child. I’ve owned Nintendo, Gameboy, Super NES, Sega Genesis, and Sony Playstation. I was never the first to get the newest system or game, but after time, I eventually acquired them. I actually still have the Super NES, Genesis, and Playstation. To my knowledge,Continue Reading

Once Upon a Dairy Farm

On Pinterest, I created a Summer Living List of things that I do as well as others I’d like to explore this summer. One of the activities that made it to the board was taking a family trip to a dairy farm. Last month, we did just that. We went on an adventure to YonEd,Continue Reading

Share your input on your dog’s nutrition.

Once upon a time, we were owners of a Yorkshire Terrier/Shih Tzu mix. Before we became parents. We adopted him from my mother who could no longer care for him and my aunt simultaneously. He was a very needy and mischievousness pup, but he was very much treated as the child that we never had.Continue Reading

Rude Cabbage Worms and Remedies

Last month, I noticed a white butterfly fluttering around our garden. I immediately found it’s activity to be quite suspicious. It would not go away. There was something in our garden that tickled it’s fancy. I, however, didn’t know it was about our beloved cabbage. Two weeks later, I suppose, I started to notice teenyContinue Reading

Do you know your neighbors? ($100 Giveaway)

I am not the most neighborly person. I admit that, but I am not a mean mofo either. I am just very reserved and selective when deciding how much of myself I am willing to give. I am usually a nice person and I am sure many of my neighbors are, I just fear beingContinue Reading

Tuesday’s Mini Playdate

Tuesday’s mini playdate was a success! Why mini? Well, because there were 10 kids missing. Whoa, right? But families go on vacations, kids get sick, and important errands must be run. Such is life during the busy summer months. But I’m looking forward to getting together with more of our group in the next weekContinue Reading

Playdate Prep

So it’s almost time for the playdate that I’m planning and I’m so excited and kind of worried. The weather forecast for next Tuesday is 83 degrees with a 20-40% chance of rain, depending on the source. Depending on the severity, it won’t be a big deal since the kids will be in and outContinue Reading

Pop, Sparkle, Shew!

Our Fourth was what I’d call another freestyled Fourth. We did add sparklers and Pop-Its ($2 a pack, woohoo) to our little celebration and in true Sheena fashion, window clings ($1 per sheet, woohoo x2) on the fridge. It took Jayden a while to learn how to use the Pop-Its, but they were a hit.Continue Reading

Patriotic Star Vanilla Cupcakes With Fruit

I swear the 4th has snuck up on us. Which also meant scrambling for ideas for this year’s special dessert. I wanted to bake some cupcakes and give them a patriotic twist without artificial coloring. I’m just on the fence about them and avoid them as much as possible. So I decided that strawberries andContinue Reading

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