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    Just Because Life is a Special Occasion

    Last week, I bought new notebooks and pens. I need to write more, whatever it may be. I write ideas and countless to-do lists because if I don’t write it, I forget it. Digital reminders just won’t do.

    I am always quick to send an email or text. My handwriting is less than desired and hopping on the phone takes a lot of mental preparation.

    007 Sentiments are not my forte and to randomly send them out without it being some sort of special occasion kinda weirds me out. Doing so is such an intimate thing to me and I don’t mail them out to just anyone. It’s more than just mailing out cards… to me. Is the feeling mutual? Am I coming on too strong? Will they think I’m weird for sending them a card? Will they not know how to respond? Will these people remain in my life long term? Will the outcome end in a mushy gushy snot fest? I wonder. I’ll scribble a message, my signature and their addresses, affix the postage, and seal the envelopes. I’ll walk to the mailbox, close my eyes, slide the cards in and shut the door really fast and wait for Mr. Mail Carrier to pick up my vulnerabilities and deliver them to their intended recipients.

    I got to thinking. Everyday life isn’t to be discounted as just the same ol’ same ol’. Living, breathing, seeing, hearing, smelling, tasting, and feeling are special occasions in themselves and are to be celebrated. Motivation enough for stepping out of my comfort zone.

    This week, I sent out seven cards to special people in my life (who fit the card) to spread some happy despite my poor penmanship and worries. The first card went to someone who could have easily gotten all seven. She’s just plain lovable and inspiring through any circumstance and many people can vouch for that. The second card went to a mama of plenty. She homeschools them all and is full of bubbly energy and compassion. I don’t know how she does it. She cracks me up, so I sent her a humorous card which I hope she doesn’t take offense to during her last few weeks of gestation :).


    Card number three went to someone who I admire for her eagerness to learn new blogging skills and find new creative activities to do with her kids. She’s so silly and loves to hang out. She got a GNO invite enclosed with a photo of her back side (from a previous night out). Card number four went to a friend who is really taking her photography from what I’d thought would be a small hobby seriously. She’s constantly improving and is racking up on heartfelt testimonials. She got a congrats from me.


    Number five went to my best friend in junior high. We were considered rivals at one point (through our peers). Anyway, going to different schools and the challenges of new found adulthood caused us to lose touch and she doesn’t update as much as I would like her to on Facebook. I’m curious to see how she’s doin’. Number six went to her wife who’s studying abroad in Italy this summer. She’s blogging her journey and inspiring me. They are two good people I need to rekindle with.


    The last card went to the man I married. Shortly after meeting in junior high, we clicked beyond attraction (me in my hot glasses, overalls, and ponytail cocked to the side; him in his sexy braces, mustache, and saggin’ baggy jeans). We shared similar interests, though we were so different. We are both silly and love laughing. We have so much fun together from watching comedies, to throwing the frisbee (sometimes in the house), which is why he got this card (hidden under his pillow) and it just so happened to be a Snoopy card (I gave him a Snoopy card on one of his birthdays).


    I want to thank Hallmark for challenging me to do this. There are so many more people who I’d like to send cards to or just do something special for. I promise to do more of that. In the meantime, I sit and I await the responses of the recipients who just got carded. I hope to make them smile, just because.

    Commenters will be entered to win a pack of 14 Hallmark cards to keep the get carded challenge going! There will be 10 winners! No liking, no tweeting, no extra entries for those, but you can if you want to. Just read and respond because receiving a genuine comment is a special occasion too ;-). This giveaway will end on August 5th, 2011 at 7PM CST. You guys can continue to comment past the deadline, but there will be nothing to win. Winners from the U.S. and Canada will then be randomly selected and announced in this post. Check out my Giveaway Rules if you have any questions. Good luck! Winners: Susan C, Summer, Homemom3, Julie B, Jaclyn Reynolds, Delena McGuire, Shawna, Tara, Rebecca E. Parsons, and Lo!

    This post has been sponsored by Hallmark as part of the Life Is A Special Occasion campaign. Hallmark provided all cards, postage, and prizes for this Get Carded Challenge and giveaway. Hallmark is also compensating me as I partner with them for the rest of the year. Read my full disclosure policy here.

    Hallmark Life Is a Special Occasion

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