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    This is the way we paint inside.

    Our days have been filled with painting lately. Outside, inside, and even the tub! Since painting is such a fun activity to do, but can be messy, we try to limit it to outside. But when I decided to paint one of the walls in Jayden’s room one evening, I had to improvise. I let him help out a bit, I mean come on, how fun is it doodling on a wall without being scolded for it? Ha! I felt that he’d appreciate the painted wall in his room even more if he was a part of the experience. So I let him dip his little brush in the paint and let his creative juices flow!

    It’s so much fun watching him paint. The facial expressions that he makes as he decides where to place his next set of blue strokes are priceless. His body speaks a language so peaceful as he examines every detail.

    014 copy

    I wish I could have let him paint that entire wall, but since I had to finish up the job spill and stain-free, I had to divert his attention to another activity. But he had his heart set on painting his wall. So I said, “How about we get your paint? Oh, and how about painting in the tub?” “Okay!”


    We grabbed the paint, brushes, ran a little warm water, and he was back to painting… rainbows, suns, and clouds. I was able to finish up his wall while he was still able to paint without making a painful mess to clean, and Greg got a nap. Once the paint dried in Jayden’s room, he was so excited to see his “beauful” blue wall. He ran his fingers over it, smelled it, and looked up at it in awe. He began to point out the colors in the mural on the other side of his room (something he hadn’t done). “Ooo look at all da colors!”, pointing back and forth from his newly painted blue wall and his new-ish mural. The blue really made things pop. If he’s excited about the blue wall, he’s going to really be excited when he discovers his other two walls are painted orange! Greg and I will surprise him one day while he’s away at Na Na’s (his great-grandmother) house.

    I am getting good at this.

    Sidenote: Do your kids like going commando at home? Jayden is always naked, relaxing on the couch watching one of his favorite shows, or tinkering on my laptop. It.is.hilarious! Quite often there are little unnies randomly strewn about the house because he has decided to air out. Sometimes he takes off into the backyard, goodies uncovered and all. I’ve never gotten a picture of him outside because I am always trying to get him back in the house before someone spots the naked toddler on the loose. I snap a few inside, but am burdened with indifferent feelings because yanno it’s taboo to photograph your children this way. So we’ll pretend that he’s in a commercial (he is totally commercial ready btw) only with a red heart covering his squishy cheeks. Less people will see him here than in a national commercial sans heart. So there.

    P.S. His skin is sooo much smoother and many shades lighter! The Eczema regime is working!

    025 copy

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