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Aquaovo Thermo-O Showcase at She {hearts} It

I just got a new glass Therm-O. I love it and thought I’d share. This is also a poor excuse for a post. I’ve been busy in my own little world, so I have to make it look like I still care about this space. I have what feels like tons to get caught upContinue Reading

Dominick’s iPhone App {$50 Dominick’s/Safeway Giveaway}

Lots of grocery stores are getting smart, developing apps to better their customers’ shopping experience. Dominick’s is among many to launch a an app for iPhone! With the free app, customers can build customizable shopping lists, view weekly local ads, load savings on the go with just for U coupons and deals. Have you triedContinue Reading

Thanksgiving Fixin’s Under $40

Shopping for Thanksgiving is fairly simple in our household. I only cook enough for Greg, Jayden, and I and I pack it up and freeze to have after we return from visiting family for a few days. We usually have most of the ingredients already since I cook from scratch. No need for stuffing mixes,Continue Reading

Creating Thanksgiving Memories

Creating Thanksgiving Memories

Thanksgiving is… next. week. Where has the time gone? This week, I shopped for Thanksgiving dinner without even giving the actual date much thought. Usually, I cook our meal and freeze it before visiting family for the holiday. I enjoy cooking up a meal and it’s always great to have backup because leftover plates don’tContinue Reading

Tutorial: Grungy Grave Nails

Tutorial: Grungy Grave Nails

For Halloween, I wanted to create a grungy look to match my Sorceress costume. I got to playing in my nail polish and the photo above is what I ended up with. I loved the result, so I thought I’d share how I did it! You need one bottle of silver, black, and silver crackleContinue Reading

This is the way I shop for coats.

When shopping for a coat, many factors are taken into consideration. When looking for a coat, what matters most to me is that first and foremost, it’s warm. I choose a coat based on thickness, insulation, and length. I am passed the age where I feel the need to look cute, leaving my behind exposedContinue Reading

Modern Mexico Tea Showcase at She {hearts} It

Today, I’m showcasing Tea on She {hearts} It. Just thought I’d let you guys know… that… and I don’t want my toes in my last post to be the very first thing you see when visiting my blog, lol. They’re all like HELLO, how you dewin’?!

Nails to the Yeah!: Zoya Charla & Wet N Wild Party of Five Glitters

Zoya Charla (aff) & Wet N Wild Party of Five Glitters Some of my toes are doing a weird lean. I had to bend down, put one foot in, place one hand next to my foot, and take the photo with the other hand – and shake it all about. You do the hokey pokeyContinue Reading

Handwriting Meme

I’m missing the good ol’ days when blogging was about having fun and not all about crafting the perfect post. Or editorial calendars. So I’m doing a spur of the moment handwriting meme, lifted from Jenn. I’m also embarrassing myself by showing my terrible handwriting. If you’ve ever received a typed personal letter from me,Continue Reading

Want the inside scoop on Walmart’s 2011 Black Friday ad?

Just yesterday, we put a few things on Layaway at our local Walmart. We did, however, avoid items that may potentially go on sale on Black Friday. To stay in the loop, I’ve subscribed us to Walmart’s mailing list. Walmart will actually be releasing their 2011 Black Friday ad a little early this year toContinue Reading

His Gratitude

His Gratitude

As we pack Halloween away, and transition to Thanksgiving and Christmas, it’s time to welcome a season of giving and gratitude. We have so much in our home that we are packing up to give away to people who need those things more than we do. And we plan on purchasing items to donate locally.Continue Reading

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