Creating Thanksgiving Memories

Creating Thanksgiving Memories Sophistishe.com Thanksgiving is… next. week. Where has the time gone? This week, I shopped for Thanksgiving dinner without even giving the actual date much thought. Usually, I cook our meal and freeze it before visiting family for the holiday. I enjoy cooking up a meal and it’s always great to have backup because leftover plates don’t last very long. We like to eat until we can’t eat no more. No limits. No remorse.

This year, we plan on spending the earlier part of Thanksgiving Day at my mother’s house where a few family members will stop by. Then, we will spend the rest of day at Greg’s grandmother’s house with his parents and siblings. There will be face stuffing, Wii and board game playing, Black Friday shopping, and more face stuffing.

And come Christmas, we’ll be doing it all over again

…sans doorbustin’.

Creating Thanksgiving Memories Sophistishe.com

Since becoming a mom, I’ve been really set on being consistent with holiday celebrations. Not necessarily doing it big… but eventful at least. When Jayden gets older, I want him to remember Thanksgivings with family, dancing with Tee Tee, watching Grandma’s fish swim, stuffing his face full of spinach, snuggling his Na Na while Mommy and Daddy sneak off to buy Christmas presents. Those moments will become tangible memories (that he will share with his family) and not episodic fantasies once seen on TV.

How do you celebrate Thanksgiving? Has parenthood altered your traditions… for the better?

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Creating Thanksgiving Memories Sophistishe.com

Creating Thanksgiving Memories Sophistishe.com0Creating Thanksgiving Memories Sophistishe.com7Creating Thanksgiving Memories Sophistishe.com1Creating Thanksgiving Memories Sophistishe.com0Creating Thanksgiving Memories Sophistishe.com0Creating Thanksgiving Memories Sophistishe.comCreating Thanksgiving Memories Sophistishe.comCreating Thanksgiving Memories Sophistishe.com
Creating Thanksgiving Memories Sophistishe.com

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Creating Thanksgiving Memories Sophistishe.com
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