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January 2012

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    The snow that I so desperately wanted before the holidays came (albeit late) and went. Now, I am craving Spring. I need some green grass and morning dew in my life. Of course we can just pick up and move to the south. Having the flexibility to do so is so wonderful, but we’re just not ready. So I will continue to b-word about it until that time comes, lol.

    Anywho, I took some photos before the snow melted and I wanted to share them with you :). Sidenote: I look back at photos from previous Winter’s and realize that Jayden always seems to be growing out of his coat. I just picked up a new one at Cookie’s for $15 and some change. Love it. Photos coming soon.

    Oh and yes I redesigned my blog again. I couldn’t stand the aged brown paper texture with the hot pink everywhere any longer. Hot pink on black/dark grey’s much better.


    Snow downpour.




    061 copy

    Keeping it real. Kids snot when it’s cold, so do we.

    050 copy


    Knock knees.




    Up, up, weee!

    045 copy

    Hub shot.


    Oh yea, I have new hair. Three magenta locs. They’ll be here for a while.

    {More photos on Flickr…}

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