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March 2012

  • Gardening

    His Corner Of The Garden

    Since the weather’s been so lovely (lovelier than usual for Chicagoland), we’ve gotten a head start on gardening. Last year, Jayden was so interested in helping in the garden, but since…

  • Life & Quirks

    Good luck, that’s what I got.

    Good luck is one of those things that people often associate with lottery winners and inherited millionaires. But sometimes we are quick to forget those little moments when luck was on…

  • Life & Quirks

    Live a Little: Country Cruisin’

    Last Wednesday, I woke up with an overwhelming sense of new. The weather was lovely, somewhere around 60 degrees. I could see my future in my now, almost within arms reach.…

  • Primp

    My Lucky Toes

    I’ve been sneaking off into the cosmetics aisles lately, and during a recent trip to Walmart, I discovered some nail art pens by Sally Hansen. Since it is March, I decided…

  • Blogging Primp

    Nails to the Yeah! & Some Changes

    Okay, so I have been trying to get this post out for days, but recent happenings and revelations that have reassured me that I am making the best decision have kept…

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