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IMAN Cosmetics Spring Sweet Temptations {Giveaway: 5/8/12}

IMAN Cosmetics Spring Sweet Temptations {Giveaway: 5/8/12}

I recently received some goodies from IMAN’s Spring makeup line called, Sweet Temptations. The line spotlights a sexy wash of glimmering honey, citrus and berry tones for eyes and cheeks that coordinate with a juicy pop of candy colored hues for lips. Below are my thoughts on each individual product I received. I loved theContinue Reading

Help Me Choose New Specs

Help Me Choose New Specs

Ever since discovering that I can buy glasses online for hundreds of dollars less than at the eye doc, I’ve been treating them as accessories. I can finally afford to swap them as often as my moods change. I am currently browsing GlassesUSA.com for a new pair of glasses and I am torn between aContinue Reading

Seeds of Change: Sowing Millions, Growing Minds Event

Seeds of Change: Sowing Millions, Growing Minds Event

Sowing millions is exactly what Seeds of Change had in mind when announcing their donation of 25 million certified organic seeds to schools (grades K-8) nationwide at the Sowing Millions, Growing Minds Event. Seeds of Change is passionate about growing good food and they are committed to helping teach children where food comes from andContinue ReadingContinue Reading

Water Bottle & Sock Bubble Blower Craft

Water Bottle & Sock Bubble Blower Craft

Today, I decided to do a spin on a bubble blower craft you’ve probably seen around. Instead of cutting a portion of a sock and attaching it to the bottom of the water bottle with a large rubber band (which I didn’t have), I just used the entire sock and secured it with pipe cleaners,Continue Reading

Bacon & Biscoff Topped Donut Muffins

I was watching House Hunters a few days ago, and the couple buying the home stopped at a coffee shop and indulged in what appeared to be donuts topped with bacon! Immediately, my taste buds went into a watering frenzy and I had to have me some donuts topped with bacon. I decided to headContinue Reading

Ultimate Blog Party Twenty-Twelve

Hello to all of you trickling in from The Ultimate Blog Party! Please feel free to introduce yourselves by leaving a comment! I’m also hosting a timely PartyLite giveaway below! – I’m Sheena, twenty-something mom of a silly almost 4 year old boy. I married my junior high sweetheart. I’m a firm believer in followingContinue ReadingContinue Reading

Simple: The Moisturizer & Facial Wipes

The Simple Skincare commercials have been enticing me with statements like “perfect for sensitive skin” and “no dyes, artificial perfumes, or harsh irritants”. I have super, super sensitive skin. One day, it can be glowing ever so illustriously… the next… it could be covered in hives or another weird rash. My skin hasn’t been theContinue Reading

Last Week in Mobile Pics

My Samsung Focus has a pretty nice camera, so I’m starting to use it more. I can’t always lug around the big DSLR, so I need to start making do with convenience. Below are some snaps of last week. No day-by-day descriptions because I’m too lazy to browse through the dates. It doesn’t matter though,Continue Reading

Toddler Trickery

Toddler Trickery

This post was originally posted on a blog (9/8/2011) that may be going away soon, so I wanted to make sure it had a place to stay :). Jayden has a huge fascination with Band-Aids (or their generic sisters: bandages). They are like a fashion accessory to him. He must have one. The slightest “owie”Continue Reading

Easterizing the Kitchen

Every year, our kitchen gets a sprucing up for Spring/Easter. The easiest way to achieve this is through window clings (my favorite), cute towels, and table linens. Our storage area where we keep all of our seasonal decor is a disaster (can you say Spring cleaning?) so I couldn’t find our Spring window clings forContinue Reading

Forever My Boogie

This post was originally posted on a blog (7/28/11) that may be going away soon, so I wanted to make sure it had a place to stay :). Jayden will be FOUR this month and he’s still Boogie. I, Sheena, and husband, Greg, are addicted to calling our son, Jayden, “Boogie”. And people probably thinkContinue Reading

Spontaneous Soul

Yesterday, I decided that I would cook up a delicious soul food dinner. I hadn’t been fully rested, but I was determined to push through the fog and fatigue to keep from napping (and throwing my sleeping off track) and to satisfy my taste buds. We grabbed a few things from the grocery and withinContinue Reading

Spring Outfit Inspiration

My recent tossing of part of my wardrobe inspired me to do some window shopping for new outfits. I’m sharing some of my favs on She {hearts} It today! untitled by htotheb featuring an enamel bangle Rocha John Rocha shirts blouse, £40Citizens of Humanity boot cut pants, £125J.Crew flat shoes, $138Fossil tote, £168Lola Rose circleContinue Reading

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