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April 2012

  • enrichblack

    Help Me Choose New Specs

    Ever since discovering that I can buy glasses online for hundreds of dollars less than at the eye doc, I’ve been treating them as accessories. I can finally afford to swap…

  • Blogging

    Ultimate Blog Party Twenty-Twelve

    Hello to all of you trickling in from The Ultimate Blog Party! Please feel free to introduce yourselves by leaving a comment! I’m also hosting a timely PartyLite giveaway below! –…

  • Primp

    Simple: The Moisturizer & Facial Wipes

    The Simple Skincare commercials have been enticing me with statements like “perfect for sensitive skin” and “no dyes, artificial perfumes, or harsh irritants”. I have super, super sensitive skin. One day,…

  • Life & Quirks

    Last Week in Mobile Pics

    My Samsung Focus has a pretty nice camera, so I’m starting to use it more. I can’t always lug around the big DSLR, so I need to start making do with…

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