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June 2012

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    Father’s Day at the Fair, I Think it was the 17th of June

    On Father’s Day, we took a trip to the fair. Jayden was so excited to be attending what he called “the outdoor party”. He couldn’t wait to go “’round and ’round”. Before purchasing tickets, we strolled the grounds and took note of the rides Jayden was tall enough for. He’s in the same range as he was last year. He hasn’t graduated to the big kid rides yet. He did get into what I call “the inflatable hamster wheel”. One kid who was older than him got stuck in his… and began to have a meltdown. We knew for sure that we had wasted $4, but that didn’t stop Jayden from wanting to get his turn. Thank goodness… and the lady who let him get a few do-overs.


    Pregnant me rode the Merry Go Round and Ferris Wheel and took the sideline the rest of the way. I did enjoy a blooming onion and cheese fries, but for some reason I couldn’t finish that onion if my life depended on it. I brought home the leftovers and still couldn’t.finish.it. Guess I was all onioned out… and I LOVE onions.


    A lady was selling balloons for charity. Jayden loves balloons, so he had to have one. We were in fact her first customer. Jayden chose pink and while Greg and I were content and no one did a double take, I asked if he was sure… to avoid judgments. But immediately after I asked… I wish I hadn’t. I’m carefree… I’m not supposed to give a damb and therefore shouldn’t be displaying signs of uncertainty.


    We were enticed by the fish game. I’m working on a mini pond in our backyard, so I could use the fish. Jayden started off throwing the ping pong balls all willy nilly, we had to restrain him, lol. Greg eventually won a fish that we picked up as we were leaving. Unfortunately, our little fishy didn’t survive very long. When we got home, I put it in a 1 gallon tank until we could transfer it over to an 18 gallon round tub outside (with filter and pump). Well, the next night, I did and the afternoon after, fishy was GONE. At least 45 minutes went by before I discovered it in the rocks. Greg saw it still breathing and put it back in the water. It started to recover. A miracle right? I decided to cover the tub to prevent another mishap, only all I could find was the top of a rectangular tub… so it didn’t snap nor cover the entire round tub. I placed a large rock on top and for a day it was fine. Two days later, the rock had fallen in, not entirely, but fishy didn’t survive whether from rock trauma or being without water for so long. I tried :-/.


    Jayden enjoyed the bounce houses the most and they were free! Next time we go to the fair, we know where to go to first! At one point, one of the houses had gotten so crowded with bigger kids, I wanted to grab him out of there. One mom beat me to it and angrily snatched her kid up outta there, lol! I had seen who I thought was a husky kid go up the wall and “Aw hell!” may have slipped out of my mouth. Greg was like, “That’s someone’s dad.” And I was like, “Oh, well, then he should know how to be gentle.” *shifty eyes* #carryon


    The Super Slide was also a hit. After his first ride with Greg, he exclaimed, “I want some more, Daddy!” A lady passing by thought it was the cutest thing. I love when my kid does cute things in public.


    The Photo Set

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