To The Strawberry Field

To The Strawberry Field Sophistishe.com

Yesterday, we took a trip to the Strawberry Field for U-Pick. I honestly was expecting it to go smoother than it did, but then again what actually goes smoothly with little’s in tow?

Not Pictured: Throwing strawberries and straw, trying to run off, knocking over the bucket… twice, wanting to ride the tractor more than picking the strawberries, having to pick the yucky berries out of the basket.

So much for a relaxing day picking strawberries, but it was still fun!

I’m gonna get a bunch of these canned before they disappear and return with a nice little canning giveaway! Stay tuned!

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To The Strawberry Field Sophistishe.com0To The Strawberry Field Sophistishe.com5To The Strawberry Field Sophistishe.com0To The Strawberry Field Sophistishe.com0To The Strawberry Field Sophistishe.com0To The Strawberry Field Sophistishe.comTo The Strawberry Field Sophistishe.comTo The Strawberry Field Sophistishe.com
To The Strawberry Field Sophistishe.com

Sheena Tatum

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To The Strawberry Field Sophistishe.com
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6 Responses to “To The Strawberry Field”

  1. Did they have a lot of berries? We went to Stade’s Farm yesterday and they had NOTHING. It was a waste of an hour drive (each way ugh). We barely picked enough for a pint! It was super depressing.

    • Sheena says:

      Johnson’s had lots and lots. They also have tons already picked. Wow, that IS depressing to have like no strawberries on the first day of U-Pick :-/.

      • What makes me even MORE cranky is they didn’t update their twitter AND facebook about it until late last night. I checked before we left and there was nothing about the field being picked over.

        If Johnson’s has a lot to pick, maybe I’ll drag the boys down there this week.

        • Sheena says:

          That sucks! Well, make sure you double check, lol. One family came in and picked like 8 buckets when we were there!

  2. Drea says:

    yum yum!! you know Travis’ dad is a strawberry farmer right? :) – he has dozens of acres of them. Sells to the local schools and stuff. The best strawberries around – I miss not being close enough to go pick there.

    Your bump is cute btw :)

    • Sheena says:

      Really? I think I remember you mentioning he was a farmer. I bet it was so convenient getting strawberries from him.


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