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Got Milk? Sophistishe.com

For two days in a row I’ve felt like I wasn’t making enough milk through the late night – early morning. The night before I had been up chain nursing Jaxon until my boobs were dry and he.kept.demanding.MORE. Up until then, I had been a milk makin’ machine so maybe I ate something or didn’t eat enough of something that affected my milk.

At any rate, I pulled out the Mother’s Milk tea and decided to try it. It tasted so bad. OMG. I don’t like black licorice o_O. Just don’t. It took some getting used to, but the tea is not that bad. I gulp it down anyway.

Some of you were wondering if I noticed an increase in milk production since drinking the tea… two days, two almost engorged boobs, and a happy baby later…

Got Milk? Sophistishe.com

yes .


Got Milk? Sophistishe.com0Got Milk? Sophistishe.com1Got Milk? Sophistishe.com1Got Milk? Sophistishe.com0Got Milk? Sophistishe.com0Got Milk? Sophistishe.comGot Milk? Sophistishe.comGot Milk? Sophistishe.com
Got Milk? Sophistishe.com

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Got Milk? Sophistishe.com
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6 Responses to “Got Milk?”

  1. Felicia says:

    I swore by that stuff with both of my boys. What an adorable little guy he is!

    • Sheena says:

      I’m getting used to it. I’m researching some other goodies/recipes to increase my supply… like cookies. Mmm.


  2. Mechelle says:

    LOVE the picture, he is gorgeous! He looks so satisfied.

  3. Cat Davis says:

    He is such a cutie. Even so little I can see he looks so much like you.

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