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    Fair Isle, Four Down

    Sophistishe has gone Fair Isle! Come on over if you’re reading through the feed. I wanted to redesign for the holiday, but ran out of time, so I went with something more appropriate for the Winter season. Most of my designs are inspired by textiles, this time by a new sweater and leggings, both Fair Isle patterned.


    It seems everyone is posting photos of snow so I’ll post one sorry one from two weeks ago. Before I took it this happened…

    Just broke my 50 trying to capture the snow. Hohoho. back in business

    broken lens / new lens

    … so I’ve been kind of hesitant to take my camera anywhere near snow, lol. It all happened so suddenly. I placed my camera on the portable kitchen island. I opened the sliding door. Hearing Jaxon starting to cry in the living room, I fumbled for my camera to quickly capture the snow. I bumped the island with my hip and I couldn’t catch my camera fast enough before it hit the floor… lens first.

    Chicken stock for soup with lots of onion, garlic, & herbs. Veggies soon. #xmaschicken #contagioustatums #fourdown

    Chicken Broth

    I am not one to share sickness because I don’t want to seem like a hypochondriac, the constant chronicling of sickness annoys me, and people tend to worry or recommended or disagree with everything under the sun. Although I am QUITE offended that a bug has invaded our home (which we are normally immune to), there are people doing a hellovalot worse. That said, we are all sick. Jayden started coughing Christmas Eve and the rest of us came down with it yesterday. It sucks that we are sick on Greg’s birthday, but we can celebrate another day… maybe New Year’s. Cake and pie pops are in order!

    Yea, me too. Sleeping beauties.

    Christmas day, shortly after family left.

    On a happier note, here are some photos of Jax taken during bath time. The kitchen sink is a disaster so we just laid the blooming bath (xmas gift) in the tub.

    And now presenting… why I call him “Juicy” :-D.



    Oh, and I made #MOMoftheDAY over at Mom It Forward. Totally made my day :-).

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