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Managing a home business, housework, and mothering is enough to send anyone off to a corner rocking. Even with the help of a loving and supportive husband, sometimes I can become a beast. Like now. I feel like I am swimming in work before the holiday and I am trying not to freak the heck out. Indulging regularly is one of the things that keeps me sane through it all.

Sneaking chocolate or gummy bears (shhh), sipping away on yummy, warm, drinks, and enjoying homemade baked goods are some of the ways I indulge and reward myself for my accomplishments. Of course I’d like to indulge in lavish things… vacations in the tropics, weekly spa treatments, and lobster dinners… all at my disposal, but my little sweet treats allow me to #indulgeanytime. It’s the simple things, right?

Café Escapes, brand of hot, flavored indulgent beverages, provide an everyday treat and a chance to relax and savor moments, whether at home or at work. And they want to treat you to an indulging experience by offering an awesome Indulge Anytime sweepstakes on Facebook. Each day, two people will win an indulgent spa gift basket and six grand prize winners will receive a spa getaway weekend in San Diego or Atlanta! All you have to do is upload a photo sharing a moment of relaxation! Easy peasy!

Indulge Anytime Sophistishe.com

Compensation was provided by Green Mountain Coffee Roasters, Inc. via Glam Media. The opinions expressed herein are those of the author and are not indicative of the opinions or positions of Green Mountain Coffee Roasters, Inc.

Indulge Anytime Sophistishe.com0Indulge Anytime Sophistishe.com1Indulge Anytime Sophistishe.com1Indulge Anytime Sophistishe.com0Indulge Anytime Sophistishe.com0Indulge Anytime Sophistishe.comIndulge Anytime Sophistishe.comIndulge Anytime Sophistishe.com
Indulge Anytime Sophistishe.com

Sheena Tatum

is the founder of Sophistishe. She's a free spirit, wife, boy mom, rental rebel, curator of pretty things, lover of vintage pyrex, and the tropics. Sheena can be found in NW Indiana with her husband and two scrumptious boys, clutching kraft paper, chalkboard paint, sriracha and chipotle pepper. In the midst of motherhood, wifedom, and managing a growing collection of digital projects, she somehow manages to find zen in being a quirky, introverted, lil’ lady.
Indulge Anytime Sophistishe.com
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6 Responses to “Indulge Anytime”

  1. Cat Davis says:

    The simple things are what get me through the day. For the past year my indulgence has been sweet tea.

  2. Laila (@OnlyLaila) says:

    My latest indulgence is white chocolate cranberry cookies. It’s a great way to cap off my hectic days!

  3. Trecia says:

    First of all, CONGRATS on your new addition, your son is BEAUTIFUL! Love the photo of your locs above – remember when you were a new natural- time really flies.

    Interesting post; thanks for sharing.

  4. Susanna K. says:

    Thanks for sharing this! I could definitely use some relaxing moments. I’m listening to a sander and an air compressor running in the background right now. :)

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