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    Pamper Me Pixie

    This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Disney Baby. All opinions are 100% mine.


    Having a baby girl sure is different.

    I mean not entirely different… but different.

    I really had no idea what to expect. I figured it’d be like having the boys, but with dresses, tutus, and glitter… oh and doing hair more often because messy hair don’t care really doesn’t fly with girls. They’re just as wild as boys, but as a mama I’m expected to keep those curls popping and edges slicked to perfection.

    Well, y’all I’m trying. Around this age both of the boys’ hair had fallen out. Jayden was bald all over with curly bangs and Juicy rocked the Buddha ‘do as a result of his shedding. We actually decided to give him a buzz cut because it was so uneven and sparse.


    And now we have Baby Girl whose hair is justa growing. I’m trying not to have baby Akilah out here looking crazy, but she’s been fighting with me lately. She isn’t here for this hair grooming business. With a head full of curls, she’s going to have to learn how to deal until she’s old enough to decide on her next ‘do. I get it, #Akilahgram, I do. I’m on my second big chop in thirty years. Hair cuts are magical as you’ll discover soon enough.


    I’ve been doing what I can to keep Akilah’s wiggly self groomed. She likes to shake her shimmies, rolling around, scooting in bed and on the floor, leading to a nest of tangles in the back of her head. She’s also very curious and can’t help snatching her pretty little hair brush from Mommy’s grasp. I have to distract her with toys to get through hair styling. On days when she’s not having it, beanies, bonnets and head-wraps are ready to adorn her crown.


    Along with fast-growing hair, baby Akilah’s nails grow pretty fast too. Every two weeks, I find myself doing a double take when looking at her nails. She definitely gets this from me. My nails have no chill and I have to snip at them constantly. We picked up the cutest little Disney Baby Minnie Mouse Health & Grooming Kit from Walmart after our Disney trip. Aside from the little Minnie outfits that she wore, I wanted to get her another functional Disney piece. I’m all about practical “souvenirs”, so the kit was something useful that we could also keep in the diaper bag for when we travel.



    It’s been so much fun watching Akilah grow and develop personality and little quirks, from her side eye, the way that she hums when she’s content, and her legs that dance a mile a minute. Any given day we may refer to her as our pixie princess or dainty diva. Sometimes I call her my little Pocahontas. She was my favorite growing up. Akilah’s been getting her Minnie on lately. It’s becoming her signature look. It’s so effortless. Just add bow.



    I’ll never get enough of pampering miss Akilah Skye. While she may fuss and fidget now, she’ll grow to love and cherish the magical moments spent between her and I.

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