About Sheena Tatum & Sophistishe

About Sheena Tatum & Sophistishe Sophistishe.com

Pardon the dust!

Sophistishe is currently transitioning from a personal blog to digital lifestyle magazine. Sheena’s personal thoughts, which have been few and far between, will have a new home soon.

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Oh hey, how are you? I’m Sheena. Nice to meet you. Are you an Instagram addict? How about Pinterest? Let’s be friends here and here. I’m a free spirited mama, dreamer, and wannabe hippie. While I’m on a mission to be the crunchiest of them all, I’m only human and I stumble. Sometimes my kids eat chicken nuggets and we use paper plates. No airs here. I live in Northwest Indiana / Chicagoland with my husband and boys (Jayden: 5yrs / Jaxon: 1yr). My husband and I met in junior high and we’ve been inseparable ever since.

I traded a life of angst and uncertainty to become a mom to our two yummy, tiny humans. Truth is, I still deal with angst and uncertainty only instead of “OMG when am I ever going to finish school and have a career, so that I can have babies and my house in the suburbs?” to “When are we going to have more babies, move to our dream home down south, have our big ol’ garden with chickens, and travel with reckless abandon? When will I ever be 100% comfortable in my now?” and other things I wish I didn’t worry about.

That said, I’m working on defining my fullest self. I’m only human and I’m learning to find zen in being… before I’m 40 and finally realizing that life wouldn’t have been so hard, had I let go of my tainted vision of how life is supposed to be. Did I mention that I can be a little dramatic at times? Maybe that’s where my 5 year-old gets it…

About Sheena Tatum & Sophistishe Sophistishe.com

Sophistishe (suh-fis-ti-shee) is a play off of the SophistiChic decorating style. I often heard the term used on HGTV. I love decorating, but seldom have the opportunity, so I just rearrange my blog 50 million times to curb the craving. Sophistishe stands for sophisticated Sheena or she is sophisticated. I chose this name during my late teens as a way to reflect my growth as a person and need for a more mature image as a blogger (I blogged under a pretty cutesy alias). Sophistishe is my personal journey to finding zen in being human… with lifestyle added to the mix. Using my passion for photography, I often share a mix of family stories and random, quirky, introverted thoughts of mine. Blogging is therapy and an avenue for me to share real things with real people. It also pays the bills. Sophistishe is a for profit blog… don’t say I didn’t warn ya. My disclosure policy can be found here.

I’ve been blogging since 2001, spending long nights prettying up my blog, bantering on about my (then carefree) life, dates with the hubs (then boyfriend), and scouring other blogs. Those were the days before becoming a mother, Professional Blogger, and Web/Graphic Designer. I have been trying to turn this hobby of blogging into a business practically ever since I started, and like a dream come true, my efforts have finally paid off. In addition to writing here at Sophistishe, I also write product reviews at Oh My Gift Guide! and She {hearts} It. I also partner with brands from time to time to provide creative content and ambassadorship work. As a child, I wanted to become a Veterinarian, as I grew older, a Web Designer. It’s funny how things work out in a destined sort of way.

About Sheena Tatum & Sophistishe Sophistishe.com

About Sheena Tatum & Sophistishe Sophistishe.com I’m obsessed with anything that contributes to natural and better living. I like writing about, learning about, and doing things that relate to Holistic Living, Wellness, Gentle Beauty Care, Natural Hair, DIY, Decor, Photography, Art, Gadgets, Fashion, Travel, Family Amusement, Green, Baby, Food and Women’s Health. I love, love, love loud nail polish, jeans that enhance my backside, Pinterest, and the tropics.

And on a final note…

I’m not here to pretend that life’s picture perfect. My family doesn’t skip through sunny meadows. We break things when playing ball in the house, get angry, and we laugh at weird stuff. My posts aren’t always written eloquently and sometimes a lot of the times I let drafts pile up in WordPress because I am such an imperfect perfectionist. In high school, my husband did most of my Creative Writing work and I lifted bits of “inspiration” from Hallmark cards to write poems. There, I said it.

I also ramble a lot.

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For the search engines: Sheena Tatum is a professional blogger, memoir blogger, new media journalist, and mom brand ambassador.

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About Sheena Tatum & Sophistishe Sophistishe.com
About Sheena Tatum & Sophistishe Sophistishe.com
About Sheena Tatum & Sophistishe Sophistishe.com

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