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I really love this list! So many great options and …

Comment on Holiday Gift Guide For African-American Families by Kiwi.

I really love this list! So many great options and new discoveries! We have to support more African American business and things that cater to us! I heard of Onyx box and hopefully I can review one in the future!

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3 Postpartum Body Changes That I Wasn’t Prepared For… Including Bladder Leaks
i didnt know the Always brand migrated their way into this area. It makes sense as it kind of related to their brand and its a discrete way to fix those issues people rarely talk about.

A New Season For Family Time
I love your beautiful family. I grew up on Juicy Juice and so happy they are making it more natural.


Look Who’s Walking!
She is getting big so fast! I love her little headwrap I didnt know they make them so tiny its making my heart melt! Congrats on lil mama walking!

How to Make Extra Money with Your Blog for the Holidays
Great post! I am going to definitely be pushing out more affiliate links especially since I will be making a gift guide!

Fever Monitoring With TempTraq
Wow this is so innovative. I know so many mothers who can use this to moniter their children it can be scary when their temps rise!

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