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Pop On Pals

Since Jayden is a little older, I decided to sign up for Team Mom blog tours again. In the latest tour, we received a Pop on Pals Amusement Park Playset which Jayden could not wait to get out of the package – it was in there pretty TIGHT! He circled Greg exclaiming turys (toys)! until Greg was able to get all of the packing elements detached. I’m sure waiting on the day that opening toys becomes easier.

Included with the playset were a pal (what, only one?), three pop-on rings/outfits, and of course the amusement park. The whole Pop On Pals concept reminds me of the Fisher-Price Little People, but these people pop up when pressed down on. Pals can ride on the musical ferris wheel, play the strong man striker as they play some fun, realistic sounds. There’s a round, yellow lever behind the ferris wheel that has to be toggled to switch between controlling the ferris wheel and dragon swing. That’s something I’d have to do for Jayden if requested. He hasn’t let them hinder his fun.

In the photos above, you can defintely tell he’s putting his imagination motor skills to use. I think he’d really enjoy a few more pals and vehicles to play with. This is a great toy to go alongside with his growing Duplo collection. I just love seeing him get creative :).

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