Baby Notes: 17 Weeks of Awesome

week17-2 I think I’m going to post baby updates every two weeks unless something really significant happens. It seems to feel right. I had another visit at the OB office. Doc says I’m doing awesome. I declined the amnio test because I feel if something’s gonna happen, it’s gonna happen and we can deal with the matter as it happens. Right now, I’d rather not spend the rest of my pregnancy consumed in worry if there’s a cause for concern. Even if there is, we’ll be fine either way. So yea. Enough of that.

I still haven’t received my ultrasound prints from week 12. They are supposed to be in the office somewhere, but the person responsible for them was out of the office. I have another appointment in three weeks and I SHOULD be able to get them then. They’ll also order another ultrasound for the gender reveal. I was hoping to find out sooner. With Jayden, we found out at 19 weeks, but it was my first ultrasound too, so I had a two in one I suppose.

I’ve been feeling the baby move for a while now… little flutters and an occasional thump (think fish wiggling in a bag of water). As big as my belly is, I’m ready to start seeing little elbows and knees. Of course since this is my second pregnancy, I’m muuuch bigger. With Jayden, I was pretty flat up until 20+ weeks and even then, I was still small. My left ribcage is bothering me and the left side of my belly is a little tender, probably because my stomach is stretching *grabs the cocoa butter*. I can’t wait until it regulates because I sure can feel the tugging. I’ve been trying to stretch and wiggle around a bit to condition the area. Greg found a local deal on prenatal massages, so I’m definitely going to take advantage of the offer.

As for weight gain, I’ve gained 6-9 pounds. I can’t remember since my weight was fluctuating around ovulation and conception. At any rate, the extra weight is nice except for when it seems like I gain a pound per day and I’m rolling out of bed feeling like a ton of bricks and my legs are like “What just happened?”

I’m sleeping like a bear again. I still fight the occasional food coma. My feet are starting to swell if I’m on them too long. No cankles yet. For some odd reason, my wedding ring has started to slide around. You think it’d fit tighter. Oh cravings… I’m not sure if I have any… I just eat what tastes good? LOL! I have been consuming more junk than usual like Oreos, Snickers (haven’t had them in years), and dill pickle chips. I remember having a can of those at the hospital actually, hehe. With Jayden, Greg remembers me eating a lot of Honeycombs and Honey Nut Cheerios and well, I have been knocking back the cheerios again, and lime fruit bars, mandarin oranges, and orange juice. I had a thing for lime flavors and scents when I was pregnant with Jayden too. I also remember eating burritos and salsa and I’ve had an episode with burritos and salsa, chips and salsa, and now taquitos and salsa :-). Food and happiness. I won Pie by Angela Boggiano at BlogHer Food and I have a feeling pie is going to be next on my hit list :-).

‘Tis all for now. I’m off to find something yummy. Speaking of yummy… here’s an up close and personal shot of the very-much-present bump.


The baby needa come out and wake up when the sun come out. – Jayden

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