Baby Notes: 19 Weeks & The Park Maternity Photos

week19 So today I’m actually 20 weeks. I took the photo on the left a day away from week 20, so you get the gist :-). Next Tuesday I have another appointment with the OB and then they’ll order my next ultrasound which will reveal the gender! I’m hoping they do the ultrasound within the same week… I don’t see why they don’t just do it the same day. Meh.

Once we know the gender I can really start building the baby registry. We don’t need a lot, but if we find out we’re having a girl, I may go a little overboard with clothes and accessories… not the overly pink stuff, but cute and dainty lovelies. I still feel like this one’s a boy simply because they are so easy to make… but as for symptoms and things they’ve been diva-like, lol.

My belly is now less saggy looking and it is sitting higher, forming an angular shape. Boy much? There’s plenty of time for my upper belly to fill out though, since the baby has so much more growing left to do. We’ll see. I love observing my growth and comparing different wive’s tales. It’s part of what makes being pregnant fun.

onigiri_dancing Baby is kicking up a storm. Those fully developed elbows and knees are really gonna be something.

I’m going to start comparing photos from my pregnancy with Jayden with this one since I started showing around this time with him. I may have some photos a little earlier on that I can compare. I’ll do a whole post dedicated to comparisons and I’ll update it as I progress. Should be fun. Here’s a 20 week comparison. I’ll try to better scale the sizes next time, so the second photo will actually look bigger than the first, lol. With Jayden, I was pretty flat bellied and JUST popping out of my jeans.


I’ve been pretty much flaunting my bump. Yes, I’m feeling myself *smirk*. Back in June, I had an impromptu maternity shoot with Greg. He said I looked nice and asked if I wanted him to take some photos. Well, of course :-). Here they are. There are some crazy photos of Jayden in the mix, lol!

P.S. It a good thing I have photos in this skirt because now it’s ruined. I’ve been waiting to wear that skirt for years! It was “hand wash cold only” so the color ran in the wash. Now I have some funky colored panties and yoga pants, and an excuse to go shopping :-).

June 21st, 2012: 18 Weeks

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