Baby Notes: 5 Weeks Pregoccupied

Written March 25, 2012

We are diligently planning to surprise the family in mid April. We would like to wait until our first visit with the OB before we shout to the rooftops.

I am getting very anxious since I have to hold back pretty much everything going on with me. I am tired ALL of the time and it’s affecting everything. I wanna blog, but I can’t. I wanna Tweet/FB, but I can’t. I disappear and I can’t divulge the why.

I don’t remember being so out for the count when pregnant with Jayden. I am sleeping all day long (15-20hrs) and it’s starting to get depressing. Everything I eat sends me into a food coma. My inner fluffy is getting me into trouble. I pretty much wake up moody and weak because I’ve slept so long and missed out on my much needed sunlight. I wake up knowing I have to tend to physical and virtual messes, eat to keep from passing out, and fight through or lose to yet another food coma. I am fortunate to have a husband who works at home, otherwise we’d have a situation.

I’m going to start eating fruits and veggies, maybe granola-ish stuff, throughout the day and a large meal/pregnant binges during the evening to see if it helps. I’m taking my prenatals and folic acid, I may look for a more powerful prenatal as well as some liquid iron (prevents constipation). No two pregnancies are alike and just maybe this is a sign of the little diva we’ve hoped for. We shall see. At any rate, I’m using this time to vent and journal since no one will be reading this post until mid-late April. Before I know it, I’ll be basking in pregnant illustriousness.

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