Carol’s Daughter Hair Products: A Magical Beauty Collection

 A Magical Beauty Collection

With the introduction of Disney’s The Princess and the Frog movie, Carol’s Daughter released their A Magical Beauty Collection, a line of hair and bath products geared towards little girls. I’m thrilled to see both Carol’s Daughter and Disney partnering up. Although I don’t have a daughter, I am so excited to see a company as large as Disney introduce a character who looks like my baby. Who knows, maybe next year we’ll get a little brown boy with an afro. How sweet would that be?


We received complimentary samples of the A Magical Beauty line and we dug in as soon as they arrived. Hey, just because my little man is a boy doesn’t mean he can’t use these fabulous products! He has hair and a little tushie to wash too! The products in the Carol’s Daughter A Magical Beauty Collection are very mild. Not only have they been pediatrician tested, they don’t contain harsh detergents, or parabens. Each product has a light scent. I’m not quite sure how to describe it, like flowers. Sunflowers perhaps since sunflower oil is one of the ingredients. I would love if they introduced a sweet, creamy scent. That’s what I was expecting.


The shampoo cleans and lathers well without stripping the hair of natural oils. We normally don’t shampoo, instead we copoo (wash with conditioner) because shampoo is known to strip hair of its natural oils. People with coarser hair have a hard time retaining those oils. The fact that this shampoo doesn’t work against the hair’s natural oils is a plus. The conditioner is rich and creamy. It makes it easy to detangle Jayden’s hair while bathing. I wish there was a similar leave-in! The bubble bath is a bonus. We’ve never used bubble bath because I didn’t like most commercial brands. I’ve found some I’d like to try, but I never got around to purchasing them. The Magical Beauty bubble bath creates lots of bubbles, but they disappear pretty fast. Jayden didn’t seem to mind, but when he gets older, I’m sure he’ll have a bone to pick with disappearing bubbles.

I truly appreciate these products as a mother of color and a mother who refuses to slather her son up in harsh chemicals. It has been quite the challenge finding products for kids with natural hair in its curly, coily, kinky goodness. And only a few of those products that I do find are free of parabens. I’m a nazi when it comes to the products we use on our son. So Carol’s Daughter A Magical Beauty Collection gets an A in my book.

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  • I was actually going to buy these for mini me for Christmas, but I waited too long and didn’t want to pay for 2nd day shipping to get them here on time. All I really want is the conditioner, since we don’t use shampoo either. I may also snag the bubble bath, though, since mini me is still at an age where she likes them. They are expensive, but if they perform as well as all the other Carol’s Daughter products I’ve used, they’re probably well worth it.

    • Sheena says:

      Can’t wait to hear mini me’s thoughts on the bubble bath. :) I agree, they are a little pricey, but that’s how Carol’s Daughter Hair Products roll. Here’s to hoping that they come down a little.

  • Dara says:

    Thanks for the review. I’ve been wanting to get bubble bath for the little one, but hesitated because I didn’t want all that yucky stuff in the bath with her. Think I’ll try this bubble bath, though!

  • Heather says:

    The packaging is adorable too!

    • Sheena says:

      @Heather – It sure is cute :)

      @Nikki @ Mommy Factor – Can’t wait to see a brown prince featured somewhere though. That would be sweet.

  • Luv2CUSmile says:

    Thx for reviewing this. My children are mixed and not as young as your little guy but still, I have labored with hair products ever since they were babies. We have 4 boys and 1 girl. My daughter is 13 and now more than ever needs reliable, natural hair products that will keep her hair moisturized but not dry. I buy salon products only for their hair now and have been ever since they were young. The budget has to allow for it because all store products have alcohol, water, and heavy waxes or greases. I will try this and see if it can help compared to our current products which I am finally “satisfied” with. Her hair is curly and long and eats up moisturizer like you wouldn’t believe. She loves wearing her hair natural (down) and even though she has gotten frustrated enough to ask for a straightening iron, I forbid it. I hope this can help, and even at t he price tag it is cheaper than how much I currently spend. LOL

    • Sheena says:

      @Luv2CUSmile, I found some products you might want to check out here:

  • As another mom of a son I heard you about wanting more little brown boys featured on stuff :)

    When I was at Disney, I made sure to “mention” it to everyone I could including the animator Bruce Smith. Lets see what all my nagging does in the next 5 years. LOL

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