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    Have A Suggestion? Take Our Reader Survey!

    Hey, ladies and gents! If you haven’t noticed, Sophistishe has been gradually changing and growing! We’d (yes WE’D) like to learn a bit about you and what types of content you…

  • ladyluckipad
    Life & Quirks Personal

    Call Me Lady Luck

    {Some of} the blogging community seems to despise sweepers because it seems they only come around for the giveaways, but some of them do stick around for other content. I have…

  • s3
    Digitally Speaking


    Lately, I’ve been getting quite a few spam text messages on both of my phones. It’s so annoying, but I chalked it up to being “one of those things”… someone somehow…

  • marymary
    Life & Quirks

    On Managing Healthy Relationships

    I’m an introvert so naturally that means that I am a little challenged when it comes to managing relationships. It takes me a while to trust others. While I am cautious…

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