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Wordless Wednesday: Jack-O-Boogie!

Wordless Wednesday: Jack-O-Boogie!

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Wordless Wednesday: Like Son, Like Father

Wordless Wednesday: Up To My Ears In Laundry!


Wordless Wednesday: Smile For Mommy!


Wordless Wednesday: Show Us That Beautiful Smile!


Flashback Friday: Happy 4th of July!

Today’s Flashback Friday features a picture of Daddy and I last 4th of July. We took this picture during a fireworks show. The streaks you see in the picture are due to said fireworks. Today I’m being a bum. I’m wearing the SAME shirt again! In honor of the 4th of July, we are givingContinue Reading

Flashback Friday: The Good Ol’ Days

This post, written by Greg, originally appeared on MommyDaddyBlog.com. I took this picture at a Hammond, IN gas station back in the spring of 2005 because I wanted to look back at it in the future and laugh at how ridiculously high the gas prices were at the time. Boy, how I wish those wereContinue Reading

Wordless Wednesday: Power To The Babies!


Flashback Friday: Mommy Meets Big Bird!

Ahhh yes, payback is sweet!

Wordless Wednesday: The Circle of Liiiiife!

Flashback Friday: Daddy Going #2

Thought I’d post this while Daddy’s at work! LOL!!! [flickr]photo:2556767241(medium)[/flickr] Edit by Daddy: Oh don’t worry, I have something up my sleeve for next week’s Flashback Friday. You’ll love it! >:-)

Wordless Wednesday: Safe In Your Arms


Wordless Wednesday: Preggo Meets Prego

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