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  • Kindergarten2

    And just like that…

    He’s off to Kindergarten. 1. Obligatory 1st day of school shot. / 2. Walking to the entrance. / 3 & 4. Getting settled in class.  1. Obligatory 1st day of school…

  • chanceswedidnttake
    Defining She


    (elahawkevintage) While laying in bed, I decided to change my middle name. Documents are ready to be filed. I bought this comforter. The chevron and color scheme is perfect. Had my…

  • thingsmykidsknowaboutme
    Defining She

    20 Random Facts About Myself

    1. I’m an introvert. I will write a post explaining what that means (and doesn’t mean) shortly. 2. I’m convinced I have several disorders (ADHD, OCD, something else), but I’m working…

  • thingsmykidsknowaboutme
    Defining She

    30 Things My Kids Should Know About Me

    I’m consistently inconsistent, in that I have a habit of starting things that I never finish. Jayden’s baby book that was supposed to be done before Jaxon was born? Incomplete. Jaxon’s…

  • ladyluckipad
    Life & Quirks Personal

    Call Me Lady Luck

    {Some of} the blogging community seems to despise sweepers because it seems they only come around for the giveaways, but some of them do stick around for other content. I have…

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