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    Homeopathic Poison Ivy Relief With Tecnu

    This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Tec Labs. All opinions are 100% mine.
    Homeopathic Poison Ivy Relief With Tecnu via @sheenatatum

    This summer we’ve had our share of fun enjoying the great outdoors. We’ve hung out at the beach, gone camping, park hopping, and adventured through lush forests. With all of our mingling with nature, we’ve been fortunate enough not to have contracted poison ivy and oak as they are huge during the summer months.

    Poison ivy is what nightmares are made of. I have been lucky enough to have never had a poison ivy rash even while playing in close proximity of the plants several times during my childhood. I’ve had my share of other not so fun rashes, so I definitely worry about us, especially the boys getting the painfully itchy weeping rash. There are so many ways to pick it up even being able to identify the plants (which I struggle with) and avoid them isn’t enough.


    The poison ivy rash can be contracted simply through the air if the plant is accidentally burned and it can also be transferred through any objects, animals, or people that have come in contact with the plant. That said it’s important to be prepared in the event that we come in contact with the evil villains that are urushiol oils produced by poison ivy and oak plants.

    Enter Tecnu Extreme Medicated Poison Ivy Scrub.

    Tecnu Extreme is the first all-in-one product that can be used before a rash starts, or after the rash has begun. Plus, it also stops the itching. When a person comes in contact with urushiol, the resin-like substance creates a rash that will surface within about eight hours if not removed. Some people take a day or two to break out with the rash. To use Tecnu Extreme a person should wet the skin and apply a generous amount to the entire body—focusing on exposed skin first (hands, arms, face and legs).

    Tecnu Extreme removes the rash causing substance from the skin so the sooner the scrub is applied the better. Best of all, Tecnu Extreme is homeopathic. When it comes to relentless and mortifying conditions like rashes, I get desperate and will use some of anything just to make it go away. But I definitely appreciate that Tec Labs offers a natural solution to keep handy in the event that poison ivy strikes our household.


    Tecnu Extreme is available at all major drug store chains including Walmart, Walgreens, Rite Aid, CVS and Target. Visit Tec Labs for more Poison Ivy Information.

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