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    BabyNome: DNA-based Nutrition and Wellness Reports for Children

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    Jayden, on his 5th birthday

    Jayden, on his 5th birthday

    Some of you I’m sure are aware of our struggle with Jayden’s severe Eczema during the first four years of his life. In seeking treatment for his condition, we were bounced around quite a bit and given conflicting advice by doctors. We were told everything from “Put some Crisco on it.”, “He’ll outgrow it around four.”, “Use Aquaphor.”, “Use Cetaphil.”, “Here’s a prescription for steroid creams.” We didn’t get to the bottom of Jayden’s Eczema until we visited an allergist and had him tested for food allergies.

    The test revealed that he had several food sensitivities. Once we removed those foods from his diet, his Eczema stopped flaring up and we were then able to treat his existing wounds. It was so bad so we absolutely had to use two types of steroids but after getting the flareups under control through his diet, the steroid creams were able to help heal his skin for good.

    This whole ordeal was super stressful and I wish we had been guided towards a solution much sooner. Children don’t come with instruction manuals, but wouldn’t it be awesome if they did? Every child’s nutrition and well-being needs are different, and unique to them.

    I was introduced to BabyNome, an ingenious service created to provide DNA-based nutrition and wellness reports for children. Much of the differences in nutritional uptake is due to genetic differences that affect absorption of vitamins and minerals as well as carbohydrates, proteins, and other nutrients. BabyNome uses the result of more than 400 peer-reviewed cutting edge scientific studies linking more than 2071 genetic mutations (known as SNPs) to more than 150 nutritional and well-being traits, and provides personalized reports for babies, toddlers and children from 12 months to 7 years of age.

    By using a simple saliva sample from a child, BabyNome can analyze DNA information to identify particular genetic characteristics that are known for predisposing an individual to vitamin and mineral deficiencies. Using that information BabyNome then compiles a comprehensive 50-page report that covers more than 40 nutritional and metabolism traits, including that specific child’s vitamin and mineral needs, and metabolism and diet characteristics.

    This is HUGE.

    Given our run-in with Eczema and food sensitivities, I would love to get reports on all of the children. Having a straightforward road-map to each child’s optimal health is invaluable and I think every parent should invest in one. BabyNome is currently offering 50 early registration reports for $49 (excluding 23andME DNA testing fee of $100) and an adult version of the report for parents who are interested in getting the report for themselves. For around the cost of an allergy test (or less), parents can have peace of mind when it comes to their family’s nutritional well-being.

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