It’s a wrap. Christmas that is.

We’re 22 days into our new year. The Christmas tree is down as of the 15th? I’m drawing a blank here. Wintery figurines are still up, so are the stockings and Charlie Brown tree. The figurines and Charlie Brown tree will come down when my Wintery spirit dries up. The stockings will come down once I figure out what to replace them with.

A personal blog would not be a personal blog pretending as if Christmas 2010 never existed. So I’m making myself write this post now that I think I’m done recovering from it all.

First, some cute photos before Christmas.

Cheeze (December 21st)

Admiring the tree. Ooo booful kissmas twee! (December 21st)

All morning he ran around saying “Merry Kissmas! (Christmas day)”

My other half trying out his new headphones.

New Boots

We spent Christmas morning at Greg’s grandmother’s house, opened up gifts and headed over my aunt’s house where family from my mother’s side gathered for dinner. It was a full house which I love. More personalities, more laughs. There were all kinds of yummy dishes including Turducken! My aunt is fancy, huh?

He ran circles all up and through my aunt’s house. Don’t go to aunt P’s crashing her house, she’ll scream! LOL.

After the dinner, we headed over to my mother’s house to exchange gifts.

What is this here device?

We then, headed back to Greg’s grandmother’s house where Jayden got to open gifts from Greg’s mom and step dad.


New Coat from 77kids
Ganma, I like it! (77kids :))

Quietly playing.

Bird Bokeh
Bird bokeh.

And the last snaps before taking down everything except what I said was still up.

Christmas in a jar
Christmas in a jar.

Holiday (homemade) Cornbread
Holiday cornbread from scratch #thankyouverymuch.

I have no idea where we hid that ornament. You see why, though?

75% off ornament 75% off ornament
I couldn’t resist these post-holiday clearance ornaments! 75% off!

Living room window display.

Of course the photographer is never in any photos, but you can look at these again. And no photos of family because I don’t know if they wanna be all up on the interwebz without consent.

How was your Christmas? When did you take your tree down or is it still up? :)

P.S. I’m giving away some Christmas DVDs and a Hallmark Recordable book here. Ends 1/25/11.

More photos on Flickr…

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