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So you know how you look in the mirror and you see someone so fresh, so vibrant, so magnificently fly… you grab your camera to do a self portrait and are horrified at the zombie looking back at you on the preview screen? What’s up with that? So you take 80 more shots only to be pleased with only 3 of them – if that. Yea, me too.

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Yesterday morning. I had just washed my face. Nothing more.

Obsessing over…

Paleo recipes.

Working on…

Being a better blogger. Being more present here.

Thinking about…

Grocery shopping this afternoon. I’m excited to try some new recipes!


A current storm to blow over. It’s not affecting me directly (I suppose), but it’s a serious Keep Calm and Carryon moment that only time and rationality can fix. Oh, and a kid-free weekend *dance*.

Listening to…

Jayden play New Super Mario Bros. on the Wii.


Bacon and sipping Earl Grey (decaf).


I were somewhere tropical… as always. I’m getting pale.

Linking up with The Paper Mama’s Self Photo Challenge!

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