New Delitefuls Seafood Meals And Beverages From Bolthouse Farms

bolthouse farms beverages & delitefuls seafood meals

I had the opportunity to try Delitefuls, an all natural, preservative-free line of frozen seafood meals exclusively sold at Walmart. Each bag retails for $5.48 and contains two meals in Smart Pouches that allow the meals to be baked rather than steamed in the microwave in 6 minutes or less. Normally, I’d enjoy meals like these, but this line I didn’t too much care for. The SHRIMP Bowtie Scampi (seen above) and SALMON Florentine Alfredo meals were my favorites, the rest of the meals I could not finish because of the texture of the fish or flavors not playing well. I had high hopes for the meals, and I am always willing to try new foods, but these meals didn’t cater to my taste palate. Also, the meals are portioned small. I went through two meals in one sitting. Delitefuls would probably be more suitable for someone who is dieting.

SHRIMP Bowtie Scampi: This entree combines All Natural tender Shrimp (#1 seafood choice in USA) in a low fat scampi sauce – Delicate yet creamy blend of heart healthy olive oil, garlic and hints of butter, lemon, and zesty Italian herbs reminiscent of old Italy – perfectly paired with Whole wheat bowtie pasta, broccoli florets and red & yellow peppers.

SALMON Florentine Alfredo: This entree combines an All Natural Wild Salmon portion (Pink, Flaky Meat and high in Omega-3) in a very light, mild lemon citrus sauce made with extra virgin olive oil, Parmesan cheese, garlic and onion with hints of butter and cream — paired with whole wheat rotini pasta, green peas, crisp red peppers, and spinach. The flavor profile is mild and fresh.

SWAI Caribbean BBQ: This entree combines an All Natural Swai portion (very mild, light & flaky whitefish) in a sweet and spicy mustard BBQ sauce (with hints of Apple Cider, cinnamon and bay) along with roasted potatoes, sweet yellow corn, and juicy pineapple chunks. The flavor profile is fuller, sweet & spicy with a surprising Caribbean twist.

TILAPIA Tango Mango: This entree combines an All Natural Tilapia portion (very mild, light & flaky whitefish) in a sweet and tangy mango sauce (made wth chunks of ripened mango, green onion, cilantro with hints of red pepper & garlic) along with white rice, red pepper, sugar snap peas and crisp edamame beans. The flavor profile is tangy, fresh with a hint of spice.

COD Mediterranean Medley: This entree combines an All Natural Cod portion (mild, flaky, whitefish staple) in a mediterranean sauce (rich, wholesome zesty sauce made with crushed tomatoes, extra virgin olive oil, white onion, Italian olives, fresh herbs and paprika seasoning to bring out the fullest flavor) with whole wheat fettuccine, yellow peppers, green beans, zucchini, and capers.

Along with Deliteful Meals, I had the opportunity to try some new beverages by Bolthouse Farms, which are also sold at Walmart. Greg and I are huge fans of their smoothies, so I was excited to try their latest additions. Their newest additions include Aura Botanical Waters, which are all natural, low-calorie waters, infused with fruit and herbs. These refreshing waters are available in three flavors; Cucumber Lemon Rosemary, Grapefruit Sage and Orange Basil. Aura Botanical Waters also include an entire serving of fruit in each bottle which is surprising. I really enjoyed these waters. The flavor combos are unique and they have no aftertaste. Thank goodness!

Bolthouse Farms have also introduced the Parfait Smoothie as part of their Protein Plus beverage line. The Parfait Smoothie is yogurt parfait based and it delivers a delicious flavor of strawberries, yogurt and granola. The Parfait Smoothie is the third Bolthouse Protein Plus flavor, joining Chocolate and Mango, with a suggested retail price of $3.19 for each 15.2 oz bottle. Protein Plus Parfait Smoothie is made from all natural ingredients and packs 25 grams of protein per bottle. One serving has just 180 calories and 3 grams of fiber. Bolthouse Parfait Smoothies are VERY satisfying. I could drink them all day!

Have you tried Delitefuls or Bolthouse Farms Aura Waters or Parfait Smoothies? What are your thoughts?

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I am a voluntary participant in the Walmart Moms program. Walmart has provided me with compensation to share Delitefuls with you. Bolthouse Farms drinks were provided to me to review and I thought they were a good fit for this post. All opinions (if expressed) are my own.


  • Phyllis says:

    I my husband and i love the Mango Tango Tilapia but we can no longer find it in Wal-Mart. Do you know any one in the Atlanta area selling the product?

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  • Peggy Parker says:

    I just wanted to comment on the Deliteful Dinners that I have tried. For the past couple of months Walmart has reduced the price to $2.98 for the bag of 2 meals, and you can’t eat healthy food much cheaper than that. I have only tried the Swai Caribbean BBQ and Tilapia Mago Tango dinners but I really enjoy them both. I have returned to Walmart several times to buy them and have three bags in my freezer right now. I am already looking forward to having one for supper tonight. If it makes a difference – I am dieting if that is what you would call it. But actually starting last March I just decided to get the junk out of my diet and choose better food options. For a single person on a limited income I find these dinners an excellent choice for me. I just add applesauce or another side with them and it is plenty filling.

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