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During Christmas break, I went into a beauty supply/wig store with intentions of buying a clarifying shampoo (with minimal ingredients). Not sure what brand I was looking for, I assumed it would be in the shampoo aisle. In this store, everything was arranged according to brand. It was a huge store. As I walked down the long aisles full of hair product, I sighed in relief because I felt like going natural was the BEST darn decision I’ve ever made. I no longer need to buy relaxers, numerous shampoos, conditioners, moisturizers, etc. My required hair maintainence is minimal. My hair is full, healthy, and starting to really grow. In this “warehouse” of beauty, all I needed was a clarifying shampoo. Eventually, a rep found one for me because all the product had my head spinning!

To think, I’ve been wearing my hair natural for… (counts on fingers) 5 years and I don’t own any novelties that celebrate natural hair. It’s time I do something about that huh? After the launch of my good friend Jennae‘s Differently Clothing line, I had become a fan of her designs celebrating natural hair. More specifically, I had been eying the Don’t Tell Me To Relax! tee. It’s clever and represents my thoughts exactly. Seriously, I will never ever, ever, ever relax my hair again. There’s just too much work involved managing two different hair textures and the chemicals aren’t that great for my body either.

Jennae was generous enough to send me that Don’t Tell Me To Relax! tee in galaxy blue and I am loving it. A size small fits me perfectly. It hugs the right places with space for comfort.

Don't Tell Me To Relax!
It was a bad nail day. Please ignore :).

Jennae and her husband, John, pride themselves in offering stylish, graphic tees that are fly with purpose. All tees at Differently Clothing are printed on organic and recycled cotton, making them super comfy and eco-conscious. Some of my favorites are the Empress, Paper Chaser, and Kinky Relationship (it’s a natural hair tee, lol). So what are you waiting for? Find a tee that speaks to your soul and snatch it up!

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  • 1stopmom says:

    Sheena you look great in that shirt! I just love it. I tried to go natural, buckled and put a relaxer in. I regret it now. I am going to give going natural another try. Especially after seeing Good Hair. It actually started a good conversation with my oldest daughter. We learned so much.

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  • Sheena, it is impossible for you to take a bad picture! You look great, and thank you so much for your glowing review!

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  • Cat Davis says:

    Forgive my ignorance, but I don’t even know what it means to “relax” hair ???

    But I do agree, the fewer chemicals the better which is why I’ve kept my hair natural for almost 10 years now. At some point I just got tired of the fake colors, the dryness and just “not me” look.

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  • You look gorgeous, as always. I always wondered why women of color fight their own natural hair so much. . .I think God has a plan and what you are born with is usually the best for you :) Although I do admit to some red fashion dye in my hair for fun occasionally.

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  • tanyetta says:

    Cute Shirt and I LOVE that phrase! Don’t tell me to relax when you have clearly gotten on my last D nerves. Oh wait, it doesn’t say all that? OOPS! My bad :)

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  • Toni says:

    Sheena! I love this picture of you…you look like a model! And..the shirt is way cute ;) Love it!

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    • Sheena says:

      Toni, thank you! I was so self-conscious about putting this picture up. I mean, I took so many, made a collage and replaced it with this one. Maybe I’ll upload the rest. I am determined to bulk up my arms this year.

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  • Merlene says:

    Sheena, both you and Jennae look amazing with your natural hair. I’ve learned a ton from you both about being eco-concious, etc. and as a result I’ve got natural hair now too. As I’m sure you’ve guessed never used relaxers but I had been using chemical hair dyes for the last 20 years. Over 2010 I stopped dying, grew my hair out enough that I could get all of the dyed hair cut out and no looking back. Over the holidays I watched Chris Rock’s documentary “Good Hair” and well… let’s say that’s reinforced my desire to never put chemicals on my hair (or the rest of me) again when I can avoid it. (Now I’m off to grab an Eat Local shirt from Differently Clothing.)

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    • Sheena says:

      Merlene, thank you! I applaud you for checking out Chris’ documentary, I haven’t even seen it yet! Congrats on your natural hair journey, less is more!

      P.S. Do tell me about your new business venture when you have a moment!

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    • Merlene, that’s awesome! I’ve been so surprised by the number of women who have expressed similar sentiments to me — particularly after seeing Good Hair. Congrats on your journey! Like Sheena, I still haven’t seen the film yet, but now I know I need to go watch it!

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