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What a fun way to upcycle those toothpaste boxes! My …

Comment on DIY Toothpaste Box Mini Pinatas by Theresa.

What a fun way to upcycle those toothpaste boxes! My girls love HELLO pastes. They have some unique and tasty flavors that make them look forward to brushing!

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What’s in my bag? Summer ’17 Edition.
I always keep hand sanitizer and mints in my bag. You never know when you’ll need either of those items!

The Start Of Something New: A Cutting Garden
I love the idea of plant it and forget it. That’s my approach this year because I don’t want to spend more time than necessary tending a garden when I could be doing other fun in the sun things.


A New Season For Family Time
My kids always loved Juicy Juice when they were little. I love that the brand is celebrating family time and encouraging togetherness throughout the entire year!

Healthy Smile Printable Activity Book
My girls love Hello! products! They have such fun, tasty and unique flavors that really get the kids excited about brushing their teeth!

25 Gift Ideas That Globetrotters Will Love
I love to travel and would definitely welcome any of these suggestions. That digital luggage scale especially because I have over packed before and have gotten hit with extra fees that I wasn’t expecting.

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