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Ok that is the cutest idea ever. I love the …

Comment on DIY Toothpaste Box Mini Pinatas by Rach Ferrucci.

Ok that is the cutest idea ever. I love the little messages inside the toothpaste box

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3 Postpartum Body Changes That I Wasn’t Prepared For… Including Bladder Leaks
Most people think LBL only happens when you get old but it came happen at any time. It’s good to see women talking about it.

A New Season For Family Time
I love when it gets warm out and you can get outside with the family. They are all so adorable! Juicy Juice is a staple in my fridge for when kids come over


3 Snaps For Blue Apron Meal Delivery
I have been wanting to try them. I love the idea of everything sent to you. It seems like I always forget something at the grocery store.

Playtime Over Hair Time
Toys like this are great. I love the colors and OMG the cuteness of your baby. I want to squeeze her.

Tender & Juicy Parmesan Crusted Pork Chops
Can you come over and cook us dinner please! This looks amazing. I need to bookmark and try it!

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