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Oh man! I wish I would have known about this …

Comment on DIY Toothpaste Box Mini Pinatas by Shannon Graham.

Oh man! I wish I would have known about this the other day! I had to buy a pinata for my niece for her birthday and it was so flimsy! Such a cute way to reuse something!

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Healthy Smile Printable Activity Book
I seriously LOVE Hello products. I don’t have any kids but girl, I love coloring with the best of them lol

Keeping Baby’s Teeth Clean and Cavity Free
I literally just saw this brand for the first time at the store the other day. I bought it, of course. I love supporting companies that don’t test on animals.


Holiday Gift Ideas For Bloggers
I use CoSchedule all the time. It really is a useful tool for scheduling posts ahead of time.

It’s Beginning to Look a Lot Like a Nursery
I love the play on words for the title! Super cute! I can only imagine how nice it feels to get some relief!

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