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I’m not an OMG-I-need-coffee-in-the-morning type of girl, but I am starting to drink it more now that I’m discovering new flavors. I once considered coffee an energy boosting adult beverage, but now I consider it a treat.

Through Mom Bloggers Club, I had the opportunity to try Dunkin’ Donuts coffees. The flavors I received were French Vanilla, Hazelnut, and Cinnamon. They all smell and taste wonderful! Although, the coffees are flavored, they are flavored mildly. I can’t really taste the difference between the Vanilla and Cinnamon flavors.

When I make coffee, whether flavored or not, I usually put in some hazelnut syrup, cinnamon, and whipped cream for an extra treat aside from sugar and regular cream. When trying the Dunkin’ Donuts coffees for the first time, I left out all of my extras to “learn” the flavors. They all are delicious and I have no preference since I like to add additional ingredients to my coffee. I can’t wait to try the seasonal flavors, especially Mocha Mint and Pumpkin Spice. I’ve got a feeling those will be more flavorful.


dunkin donuts coffe

For a chance to win a pack of Dunkin’ Donuts Coffee (randomly chosen), leave a comment letting me know what Dunkin’ Donuts coffee flavor you’re most excited about!

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