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And the winner is…Kristi Lundine! Congrats!

I’ve been facinated with bento lunchboxes for years; since my late teens. I had the desire to impulsively buy a few, but I had no place to even bring my lunch to. So sadly I sat hoping for an excuse to use bento lunchboxes some day. Fast forward to today and I’ve got a reason; a toddler and family outings to persue.

Since my first bento encounter, I’ve become a little more eco-conscious, checking the numbers on the plastic dishes that we eat from. While searching for BPA free bento lunchboxes, I came across EasyLunchboxes. I noticed that they were reaching out to bloggers, so I applied to receive their lunchbox system and a cooler bag to review.

EasyLunchboxes was born out of founder Kelly Lester’s need to quickly pack healthy lunches for her children without wasting time, money, or packaging. She created a practical and safe solution both kids and adults love. The EasyLunchbox system includes four bento-style plastic food containers and colorful lids. The containers and cooler bags have been FDA approved and contain no BPA, phthalates, or PVC. And the systems are also very affordable at $13.95 per four container set and cooler bags; $7.95 per bag.

EasyLunchboxes make packing and eating lunch fun. The yummy combos of sandwiches, salads, fruits and veggies are endless! Not only are the systems great for lunch, but every day meals at home. Jayden always has to have his snacks in bowls. Now he’s able to eat his chips, dips, berries, green beans, and cucumbers in a larger sectioned container.

EasyLunches make great products to sell for fundraisers. What better way to raise funds by selling a product that encourages healthy eating and eco awareness? Kelly offers an affiliate and fundraising program where organizations can sign up to sell her products. I’m an affiliate, so I will receive 20% commission on all purchases made through my affiliate link. So buy from me, mmkay?


Kelly wants to offer an EasyLunchbox System and cooler bag to a Sophistishe reader. For a chance to win, fill out this here form. The secret code is Sophistilunchbox. The form will close July 30th, 2010 at 7PM CST. You may want to take a look at my basic giveaway rules. Good luck!

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