Eczema And Wet Wrap Therapy: The Preliminary


I’ve been reading up on Wet Wrap Therapy and I think I’m going to try it on Jayden’s eczema. He’s well past the rashy stages, but his skin remains dry unless we keep him slathered in emollients multiple times a day. We especially make sure we rub him down before bed to make sure he doesn’t wake up scratching, but lately he’s been doing the opposite. As you can imagine, it is stressful on all of us not being able to sleep through the night. Since Wet Wrap Therapy is done before bedtime, we figured we give it a try. Those who have tried it have seen significant results. I mean it just makes sense. After a bath, his skin’s always so smooth. I know some people are against daily baths, but if you moisturize the skin directly after a bath, it will not dry out. Some people rub an emollient on their feet and put on thick socks right after a bath before bed. It’s kind of the same concept…just wetter.

So this is what I’m going to do. I’ll draw him a bath with chickweed herbs. Chickweed is a useful herb used to treat eczema, rashes, wounds, and pimples. It helps with inflammation and infection if any. After patting him dry, I’ll gently rub him down with some aloe vera gel, another skin soother, followed by Alba’s Unpetroleum Jelly. Unpetroleum jelly is like Aquaphor but without the icky ingredients. With wet wrapping, wet bandages are applied on affected areas and dry bandages are then applied on top to seal the moisture. Pajamas can be used instead of bandages on smaller children. What I will do is dress him in a moistened pair of thin thermal pjs (pictured). To seal in the moisture and make sure he stays warm, I’ll zip him up in footed pjs. Of course since it’s summer, we’ll have to moderate the temperature of the house so that he doesn’t get too cold or hot.

In addition to his nightly wet wraps for the course of 1-2 weeks, he’ll regularly take probiotics and cod liver oil and I’ll report back with the results. I’m feeling pretty good about this. Wish me luck and feel free to share any eczema stories you’d like in the comments :). I do wish to continue my natural remedies. I’d rather do this than having a doctor throw a tub of Eucerin and Hydrocortisone our way. I have used a cream once and that was Elidel for a red flare up on his cheeks. That I considered an emergency, dry skin I do not. I try to avoid parabens and steroids at all costs. It’s just what I prefer.

Why yes, there is a lil’ black Zoya polish on his nails. He’s been itching to get into my polish and I finally caved. He sat and admired my work as I dabbed his nails. For at least thirty minutes, he wouldn’t do anything to mess them up. When he’s a little bit older, I’ll explain the whole boys and nail polish = no. But for now, he can enjoy it. His masculinity is the least of my worries. He’s got plenty of years to work on that. And no, I’m not working with, but it sure would be nice since I buy all of my healthy schtuff there.

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  • Liss says:

    I just had a five-year old girl graduate from my class, and she had some of the worst eczema I’d ever encountered. The problem was also, her flares were weather-triggered, and she had seasonal allergies so if the dry, itchy skin wasn’t enough, she would also have itchy, puffy eyes and nose. It was really tough to watch her be so itchy, and the cream her parents had given me to put on her if it got too itchy would burn on the open sores (which I tried to avoid!). She would literally scratch until she bled, and I remember during one particularly bad flare up, they even became infected. Her parents also try all kinds of potions and lotions, but it’s difficult and extremely expensive to get some things here, so buying a lot of things online was out of the question. One thing that always sticks in my mind was when we were talking about something, I don’t remember if I was reading a book or what, but I was talking about something being healthy, she asked me if I thought it would work on her skin. I just wanted to hug her! It must be tough to be five years old and have to deal with that, but she dealt with it very well, kept a sense of humour about it (one morning telling me she was a salad, as her parents had put vinegar in her bath the night before), and showed a lot of maturity. She could even calmly answer the other children when they asked her why she wore socks on her hands sometimes (a trick her parents learned to keep her from scratching herself to bleeding at night).

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  • Dee says:

    Sheena, I remembered reading this post and decided to come back and look at the specifics. My oldest has eczema, but his *rarely* flares up. When he was two and under, it was horrible and we used all types of lotions and potions that never seemed to do much. Honestly, the most effective thing for him was some type of itch relief medicine that had the effect of making the child sleepy at night. So at least he could rest without screaming from the itch.

    My new baby has eczema as well and it’s gotten bad enough that I have to get serious about finding her relief. She has alligator elbows and cracks behind the knees and ankle creases, etc. I am going to put her on probiotics and plan to make my own cream with ingredients like vitamin e, grapeseed oil, and ground oatmeal to hopefully help keep it at bay. I hate to keep her covered from head to toe, but I need to start doing that in order to prevent her from scratching herself raw. I’m sure you know what I mean!

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    • Sheena says:


      I’m planning on making my own potion too. We recently had a visit with a new pediatrician and she recommended a few pediatric dermatologists. She also wrote a script for Lubriderm and Triamcinolone lotion mixture & Zyrtec – which we haven’t filled yet.

      I decided to no longer use Aquaphor because of the ingredients and I’ve read it does more harm than good. It seems to soften the skin and when mixed with chickweed extract it works for a while then his skin is cracking back up. I decided to go back to shea butter. I whipped it up myself and added some chickweed in it. I plan on making a more sophisticated cream with oils you mentioned. His skin is looking better and not relapsing and he hasn’t been itching as much. I’ve also been using St. Ives Oatmeal & Shea Butter lotion. I can kick myself because I’ve refused to use lotion on him because I thought it would burn and all the 100% natural stuff was so thin and didn’t do anything. He takes kids Benedryl too, but the Zyrtec may be better since it’s active for 24hrs.

      Keep me updated! I’ll be sure to post our progress!

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  • I'm gonna look into the chickweed herbs for Jonah's eczema, as well as the Alba's Unpetroleum Jelly. We do use Aquaphor because it simply has been the only thing that works. Where do you get those at?

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  • AB916 says:

    Did you try Crisco? I know it sounds crazy but it heard it helps with Eczema.

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    • sophistishe says:

      I've heard of it and thought the doctor was crazy, lol. It does make sense. We opted for Olive Oil and Un-petroleum jelly. It works good. At this point, it's not a matter of what products to use, it's keeping them on through the night so he doesn't itch.

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  • Yakini says:

    The wet wrap therapy treatment sounds really great – I hope it works! At the very least, I hope the poor baby doesnt wake up scratching and uncomfortable. :-(

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  • Jessica says:

    I hope that eczema treatment works. I suffer from eczema on my facial areas, so a wet wrap would not work for me, but I am eyeballing that chickweed herb. Honestly, the best products that keep my eczema under control are olay. It is cheaper than prescriptions and don't leave you greasy. I swear by it.

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  • dee says:

    may i make a suggestion? I hve tried this cream on my eczema and it has worked wonders within a week. Its a small bottle but the cream is thick. It really works and I was amazed because nothing else works on my skin. It is all natural and it is mostly used on infants. If you do try it please let me know if it helps as I am interested in seeing the results. heres the link its about $10 per 10ml bottle

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  • Laila says:

    I hope everything works, I know this hasn't been fun for the family.

    I dont see anything wrong with nail polish either!

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  • Drea says:

    Hi Sheena, :) This is so hard to deal with … Eczema is a pain!! I remember as a kid doing this same treatment… I use to wear one set of wet long johns with this ointment under them… it was thick like butter… felt so gross and actually burned a little.. and then the wet long johns over that, and then dry ones on top, I was suppose to wear it 2 hours every day. Was a pain in the neck!!! i did see a different in my skin tho.. this softened it right up and my eczema cleared up A LOT. It did however not get rid of it.. and as soon as I stopped the treatment (even if I only stopped for as little as a week or two), it would flare right back up. So this had to be something I continually did to keep results.

    For me, as a teen I really struggled a lot with my skin issues.. I was very shy because of it and never wore bathing suits or shorts because I felt it looked to ugly… but once I grew up :) and got out of high school.. I realized how stupid I was… and honestly, even tho my skin is not SMOOTH by any means on the legs or arms, you cant tell theres anything wrong with it from a normal distance… the only time you can tell is if you grab my arm or something… it feels like I have goose bumps year round.

    I hope Jays eczema gets better and you find something that works well… but speaking from experience with this similar treatment… dont stress it to bad.. just keep him with his ointments… and do what works for you all. Hes a doll either way!!

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  • Shelly says:

    I sure hope it works! We had bouts of eczema with Chardie for the first 8 years of her life but luckily she outgrew it. I opted for medical ointments and that worked well for us.

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