Family Fashion Trends for 2013

A new year has begun and with it comes new styles, old styles reborn, and trends in fashion that everyone will be sporting for the year. These trends aren’t just for the men and women who are keeping up with the latest fads, but also for families, couples, and kids who want to be a part of the fashion forefront.

Hey Ladies!


Emily Schuman

Realsimple.com offers their input on this year’s hot trends and they think the ladies will be hip in anything floral! Rebecca Daly helps with tips on how to wear prints and patterns. She advises:

– For a bold print top, choose a solid color cardigan to go over it.

– With big stripes on top, keep your pants to a simple color like white, or a something kind of muted.

– Offset dark colored polka-dot pants with a brightly colored top.

– If you’re really brave you can mix dots, and stripes or patterns. Just keep to the same color hue, and make sure the prints are smaller in size and not overwhelming.

Just for Men

This Fellow

Men from all walks of life and every age group are becoming more aware of how they look and what they wear. Jim Moore of GQ.com shares his opinion of what is trending this year for the gentlemen who want to look good, and be plugged into what’s going on today. In his article entitled “Tie One On” he states, “One trend emerging this season (that’s also carrying over into fall) is 90’s grunge. We saw the once-rebellious aesthetic brought back in subtle ways, most notably in the shirts tied around models’ waists that added pattern and color to already layered looks.”

Other trends you will see in men’s fashion this year:

– Orange!

– Stripes and plaids.

– The layered suit.

– Neon!

– Classic looks, like cricket sweaters.

– Did someone say ‘seersucker’?

– Printed ties.

– Loafers.

Couture Kiddo’s



Kids tend to have it the easiest because they can be cute in almost anything and often don’t feel the need tobe trendsetters. But fashion doesn’t stop for anyone and if you’ve got a little person at home, or even a teen looking to fit in with the crowd, you might want to know what’s going on with kids’ fashion trends for this year. Whitney Ferrall of kidsfashion.about.com records tips from kids’ trend expert Nicole Yee.

– Color palettes:

– Emerald greens mixed with blues.

– Berry purples and pinks.

– Bright poppy red and turquoise blue.

– Fabrics:

-“Rich” fabrics like tapestry jacquard and brocade.

– Leather alternatives.

– Quilted fabrics.

– Neoprene.

– Updates to familiar styles:

– Tailored jersey sweats.

– Plush styles.

– Colored camo patterns.

Yee points out that she see kids’ fashion heading in a “gender neutral” direction. She states that this can be good for the consumer because gender neutral pieces “tend to be more timeless” and they’re better for ‘hand me downs’.

Fully Accessorized!


Accessories will always be a part of fashion, and in fact it is not fully fashion until it’s fully accessorized. A few trim trends for 2013 include things like sunglasses! Eye wear is definitely hot, whether it is sunglasses, or just the non-prescription wear that hipsters use to set off an outfit, you can’t go wrong with a good look for your eyes. Blue diamond engagement rings are all the rage this year too as brides are starting to add more color in lieu of traditional diamonds and white wedding dresses. Big watches are hot for men and especially for women. And you don’t have to break the bank to keep up with this trend, just go online and check discount manufacturers for deals.

Following the latest trends isn’t just about being a fashionista, but it is a fun way to be a part of the current culture, and maybe even save money by finding things that’s hot and plentiful right now!

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