Jayden’s 1st Dental Visit!

Wednesday, we took Jayden to his first appointment at the dentist. We knew we were in for a meltdown, but surprisingly, aside from a few I want Daddy‘s, he did really well! Of course Jayden’s delightful experience wouldn’t have been possible without the super kid friendly environment and the compassion shown by the entire office staff and dentist!

Check out this room!

He was given sunglasses to shield the overhead light. Cool!

The toothbrush had a penguin attachment!

Something pleasant to look up at!

Redeeming his token for a bouncy ball.
They also gave him a goodie bag with floss and a new toothbrush!

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His hygiene is very good and the dentist recommended that he floss and spend extra time brushing his molars since he’s got some deep grooves. Since they didn’t want to do too much on his very first visit, he’ll go back later this month for X-Rays.

P.S. I won’t lie, I wanted to sob… just a little.

At what age did your child start going to the dentist? How’d it go?

More photos on Flickr…

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  • Reply June 20, 2011


    What a great dentist office! I love the way they decorate for the kids. I bet your son loved it. I was able to capture pictures of my sons first Dentist appoint too. They always look so little in the chair! I wanted to pass this Mom’s Guide for caring for little kids teeth to you. It has helped me as I’ve read up on how to better care for my kids teeth. I hope you find some useful tips on it too. http://www.1dental.com/moms-guide/

  • Reply June 13, 2011


    He started going at the age of three and goes every six months. He loves it. He had to have one molar capped and the dentist assistant was helpful and explained everything to us in full detail. I recommend a Kids Smiles dentist office to anyone with a child.

  • I’ve been putting off my son’s for months now. He was suppose to do it at 2. He’s 3 now. Hopefully we can find a nice place like you did and have a good first dental visit

  • Reply June 10, 2011


    My little one went when she turned one, and has gone back every six months since then. The first time she went she had no clue. The second and third times she wasn’t thrilled about it. But you’re right, the staff at these pediatric dentist offices are trained to be silly and fun and make the kids feel okay. That certainly helps. She’s 2.5 now and due for her next appointment in a couple of weeks.

    Way to go Jayden!

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