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I’m so jealous! …

Comment on In Preparation of Snow, Here’s How I Hydrate And Glow by Sheena Tatum.

I’m so jealous!

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In Preparation of Snow, Here’s How I Hydrate And Glow
You know what they say… if it ain’t broke! ;-)

In Preparation of Snow, Here’s How I Hydrate And Glow
Girl, you are too kind! I wish I was fine like you! LOL


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Akilah is Two at Chuck E. Cheese’s!
Thanks! Yes, we had to do a little blush and highlight for her special day! We did lips too, but pizza, cake, and ice cream happened. LOL

Organizing Tips For a Smooth Back to School Season
LOL!!! Listen, whatever works! I may do this for my husband, too!

3 Postpartum Body Changes That I Wasn’t Prepared For… Including Bladder Leaks
I love it because I for one wouldn’t dare buy the other brands because they are associated with incontinence. With Always, you don’t know unless you stare at the packaging really really hard, lol.

Bring Summer Indoors: Mason Jar Succulent Planters
That is correct! It protects against excess moisture and prevents root rot. I’ve made these without the charcoal and ended up with the algae issue too!

5 Natural Hairstyles To Wear This Summer
I’m a fan of the wash and go fro! Super easy!

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