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072 This Summer, I am making an effort to wear more of my Summer wardrobe and to just be pretty… effortlessly. I usually achieve an effortless pretty simply by throwing on a dress. Dresses are an outfit in themselves which eliminate the fight to match pieces to create an outfit. Dresses are even more convenient since I am pregnant. My belly doesn’t even wanna be bothered with buttons right now, lol.

I have so many NEW dresses in my closet, it’s kind of ridiculous. Many of them still have the tags on them. I’ve had this “dresses are for special ocassions” mentality, so it took me a while to truly be comfortable in them. I remember wearing jeans a few Summers, complaining that I needed capri’s and shorts when I had perfectly good Summerwear sitting in my closet. Well, part of being a free spirit is letting go and being free and there’s no better time right now in my life to be doing so.

030 Fresh Produce Clothing sent me one of their Spring Dresses (the Cafe Wrap) and I love how comfortable it is and the pattern is just gorgeous. The Cafe Wrap is almost loungy (92% rayon, 8% lycra) so I can wear it around the house and out on the town. On Father’s Day, I wore the dress to the fair and paired it with some super comfy sandals (Earth Spirit). I felt pretty, but I was comfortable and effortlessly pretty.

Fresh Produce Clothing was co-founded and is still run by a mom entrepreneur, Mary Ellen Veron and is primarily made in the US. The brand specializes in Casual Outfits and Travel Fashion for women and girls and markets throughout the US and Caribbean. Fresh Produce is currently hosting a Color it Summer sweeps on Facebook where one lucky fan will win a $1,000 Fresh Produce wardrobe. You already know I entered. Check it out :-).

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  • Looks very comfy & pretty, indeed. I don’t know why I don’t wear summer dresses & pretty myself up. When I’m not at work, it’s shorts & old beat up t-shirts, like what does it matter since I’m either walking or digging dirt. The Sig/Other & I don’t do much together so…. I want to look pretty, but I always figure what’s the use, you know?

    • Sheena says:

      Thanks! I’m usually in a tee and yoga pants around the house. No sense of dressing up inside. A good tip that I’ve read though, is to dress for the day you want to have, so maybe you can get some new lounge wear and pamper just to feel nice :-).

      *** I reply to comments even if they’re terribly late :-). ***

  • Stacie says:

    Very cute look on you. Fresh and light.

  • tanyetta says:

    cute dress, sandals and bag!

  • Sheena, you look great and the dress is pretty too! Love the pattern and it really does look comfy. I remember only wanting to wear dresses throughout my pregnancies, even in the dead of winter lol. It beats wearing anything with elastic or buttons on it.
    Cute sandals too!

    • Sheena says:

      Thanks, Lisa! Here I am almost at the finish line in Fall. I’ve been trying to squeeze into my jeans, but I’m gravitating towards the dresses again, lol.

      *** I reply to comments even if they’re terribly late :-). ***

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