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Good luck, that’s what I got.

Good luck is one of those things that people often associate with lottery winners and inherited millionaires. But sometimes we are quick to forget those little moments when luck was on our side. Right now, I’m remembering two occurrences of just being plain ol’ lucky. And I’m sitting here trying to figure out which story I want to tell. I’m wondering which story is better, wondering which story my readers will better relate to. Really? I’ll just tell both, well it’s three really. It’s time I let go of perfection.

No Water For The Weekend

We moved into our home 2 1/2 years ago on a Saturday. I had set up the water account the day before (smart I know), so when we arrived at our home we discovered that the water was off.

Our move had gone pretty smoothly. We had done everything else in advance and had family to help us move, so we really couldn’t complain. Our previous moves have been pretty exhausting, so we were just thankful to be in our new place so quickly. Being without water from Saturday-Monday was nothing.

A guy from the water department happened to be in the area. He was here to turn on the water next door, only the neighbors weren’t at home. For some reason, he wound up at our place. I explained to him that we weren’t on his schedule, but we were without water. No problem. He kindly turned the water on for us. Best.feeling.evar.


Cellphone Upgrades vs a Family Trip

windows phone klout perk In November, we planned to upgrade our cellphones. In order to keep costs low, we had been using “awesome” phones with limitations and cheap prepaid service. My family was planning to celebrate my uncle’s 60th birthday in NY in early December. I reeeally wanted to go since it’s been a while since I’ve seen some family members, plus turning “six oh” is kind of a big deal. So the new cellphones were put on hold to pay for travel. Family first right? Of course!

While visiting with family in NY, my phone started going haywire. The touchscreen went nuts, so I couldn’t use it anymore. Good thing, I had a qwerty board to get me through. A few days after we returned from home, I received a package from Klout with a Windows Phone inside. Holy cow! I had applied for the Windows Phone Klout Perk earlier that month and I had forgotten all about it. Talk about right on time!

But it gets better.

Greg still needed a phone. Just for the heck of it, I decided to enter some T-Mobile giveaways around the blogosphere. I had no intentions of winning, I just wanted to leave a few comments for some respected bloggers. Days go by and I decide to check my spam folder. Inside was an email from Niri saying that I had won an Android phone on her blog! Really? Like really? For real? Yesness.


It’s so awesome when things work out in our favor… by chance, sometimes like a repayment for something wonderful we’ve done along the way. Sure our luck wasn’t a direct result of what we were doing in the present, but maybe something in the past. Good things (and good luck) come to those who wait and pay it forward. Remember that!

When was the last time good luck was on your side?

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