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Griffin Technology sent us a fine pair of headphones for Jayden to use; MyPhones. These little guys are fully adjustable for growing heads and cushioned for comfort. They include three sets of pretty cool removable ear cap inserts, even blank ones for the kiddos to color. Not only can kids customize their MyPhones, but their cases as well. Also included are three pre-made case inserts, as well as blank templates for decorating. Can you see why they are called MyPhones?

And here’s the icing on the cake.

MyPhones limit the volume of sounds and music to safe levels; 85 decibels in fact. That’s 15 decibels above the sound of a normal car engine. This holds true when using an iPod, MP3 player, laptop or other portable audio or video player. Now should you decide to plug MyPhones into a high-power audio source like a home stereo amplifier for instance, MyPhones’ circuitry may allow audio levels to exceed 85 decibels. So don’t do it.

MyPhones are brilliant. At home, Greg and I can enjoy an hour or two of TV time without cartoon requests. We can watch what we want while the little man tinkers on the laptop with HisPhones on. When out and about, he can watch movies and listen to music without disturbing anyone surrounding him. And we don’t have to worry about his ears being blasted in the event that he toggles with the volume controls.

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BUY IT: $29.99-$39.99

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