Guest Post: DIY Piñata + Baby on Board Craft Contest

Engaging in arts & crafts with your toddler is an ideal way to spend time together. Not only are you having fun by engaging in a joint activity, you are encouraging your child’s hand-eye coordination, dexterity, problem-solving skills and allowing him/her to utilize their imaginations and creativity.

As funding for arts programs in public schools have been slashed, introducing your kids to arts and crafts is one of the most important things you can do in order to nurture and educate them. In an article published by, the author shares the view that some see children as capricious, and that they innate propensities to the wild. Therefore the work of teaching art to a child can be viewed as “civilizing” him/her, while aiding in their overall development. This is not to say that wolves in the forest raised your child, but art is simply viewed as an activity that can indoctrinate them into a civilized way of seeing the world.

A great craft for parents and toddlers to try is making a Piñata. By having your child do a craft such as this one, they will be learning about another culture while improving their developmental skills, gaining an appreciation for art, and engaging in a project with their parent.

DIY Piñata


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·      Balloons
·      Newspapers
·      Starch
·      A plastic tub or bucket
·      Tissue paper (several colors)
·      Glue
·      A pencil
·      Scissors


Have your child select a balloon based on its shape; either a round one or a wiener-shaped balloon. Have your toddler blow it up and help them tie it off. Then pour some starch into a bucket.

Take the scissors and cut up shreds of newspaper. Soak the newspaper shreds in the starch until they are drenched all the way though. Then cover the balloon in the wet newspaper, leaving no part of the balloon exposed. Apply at least three layers. Set the balloon in front of a fan and let it dry completely.

Once dried, cut a small hole in the balloon the size of a 50-cent piece. Then cut out several dozen squares of tissue paper. Have your child place the eraser-end of the pencil in the center of a tissue square, and crumple the tissue around the pencil so it becomes springy and textured.

Apply a drop of glue on the flat part of the tissue square caused by the pressure from the eraser. Then apply the tissue to the piñata. Repeat this until the balloon is completely covered. Fill the piñata with candy through the hole you cut out, and seal with more tissue paper.

Baby on Board Craft Contest

21st Century is hosting a contest that gives Mom and Dad the chance to win a cash prize of $10,000 by creating a baby on board sign. This project will stray from the traditional yellow diamond-shaped sign that became popular in the 80s. You can use Photoshop and get creative with your computer skills, or do a project from crotchet work, woodworking, clay, or painting—anything you can think of. Click here to enter! Good luck!

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