Guest Post: Family Friendly Chicago Neighborhoods

Are you thinking about moving to Chicago? Or looking into relocating to a neighborhood that’s more family friendly now that you have little ones?

The search for the right place to live can be a pretty daunting task – especially since you have a whole host of things to worry about: finding the best schools, targeting neighborhoods that are safer, looking for nearby parks, preschools, and day cares. And, of course, you’ll want to live in a place where you’ll be able to find things to keep you, your spouse, and your children entertained.

Where do you start? Apartment Guys has put together a handy infographic on some of Chicago’s most family-friendly neighborhoods, with all kinds of information on each one.

Here are some of the highlights on each of these neighborhoods.

Hyde Park

Due to the area’s proximity to the University of Chicago campus, many faculty, staff, and students live in Hyde Park. Nearby Lake Michigan and a number of parks also provide outdoorsy types with a plenty to do as well. And even though development in this neighborhood is increasing, Hyde Park is still one of the best and most affordable places to raise a family in Chicago. Did we mention that it also boasts two museums and two theaters to keep you and your family entertained?

Averages for rent in the area: 2-BR: $900-$1450, 3-BR: $1400-$2000


Also known as the “Village in the City,” this neighborhood is home to the city of Chicago’s most educated and upwardly mobile citizens, with the 3rd highest median household income in greater Chicago. Beverly also has many great schools and medical facilities, and residents working in downtown Chicago enjoy a very convenient commute from the area. For those attempting to find a better work-life balance, this can be a huge selling point.

Averages for rent in the area:2-BR: $1500-$1800, 3-BR: $1700-$2700

Roscoe Village

With its many parks, schools, medical facilities, and groceries, Roscoe Village is one of the best family neighborhoods in the city. The community, described as having the “feel of a small town in the middle of a big city,” is only a short distance from Lake Michigan, as well as two of Chicago’s major commercial areas. Moreover, Roscoe’s upwardly-mobile population supports community environmental efforts, festivals, and fundraisers, as well as the neighborhood’s well-respected local schools.

Averages for rent in the area:2-BR: $1350-$1700, 3-BR: $1900-$2300


Now home to an increasingly international population, this neighborhood was originally conceived as a summer retreat for the Chicago’s wealthiest citizens, and residents currently enjoy beautiful community beaches and excellent public transportation. You’ll also find three theatres, one ballroom, and two museums in Edgewater, giving you and your family plenty of entertaining options.

Averages for rent in the area:2-BR: $1300-$1600, 3-BR: $1500-$2200

Lincoln Square

Back in the 1900’s, Lincoln Square was known as a primarily German neighborhood and, unlike many other Chicago areas, has not been over-developed. It features one museum, one music venue, and three theatres, along with six medical facilities, and most of the housing in the area consists of small apartments and single-family residences, making it another of Chicago’s ideal family neighborhoods.

Averages for rent in the area:2-BR: $1400-$1800, 3-BR: $1700-$2200

Family-Friendly Chicago at a Glance

If these neighborhoods sound like they might interest you as possible places to settle with your family in Chicago, check out the Apartment Guys’ infographic for more detailed info and stats on income level, parking, public transit availability, and more.

Chicago Family Friendly Neighborhoods

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