Guest Post: The Benefits Of Yoga For Kids


Yoga has become a popular exercise for adults all over the world, as a way to exercise, relax, and improve flexibility. Yoga is relatively easy to delve into, since a beginner does not need a high physical fitness level to get started. Most yoga studios will give the student one free class, to see if they enjoy yoga (and almost everyone does). Many people do not realize that the benefits of yoga can also apply to kids. Here are five benefits that will convince anyone that they should get their children into yoga.

Some yoga poses require immense concentration – holding poses for a couple of minutes at a time. Since yoga is a form of meditation, this means the exerciser needs to use great concentration. Not only will yoga help a child concentrate it can provide a lot of peace. This is a skill that many adult yogis have not even mastered, but just imagine how a kid who masters concentration will do in school!

Physical Benefits
A lot of kids have poor flexibility and balance, especially since most exercises for kids forget about these important factor (and studies have proven those most children don’t exercise at all). However, yoga is WONDERFUL for physical fitness.  It helps improve flexibility, in addition to helping children increase their strength and balance. Remember that when a kid starts at a young age, healthy habits will stick, and they will more likely be a healthy adult. Remember that  flexibility and balance help to avoid injuries in almost everyone!

Yoga in itself does not have to be ridiculously serious, though some adults take it entirely too seriously. Yoga for kids is a very fun activity that can involve a lot of other kids and a lot of fun. Anytime kids enjoy a fun activity; they are more likely to stick to the activity. This will help instill healthy ideas in their minds at a young age. Yoga is fun for children and adults alike.

One of the most valuable things for kids is to learn how to be social. A yoga class will have up to a couple of dozen participants, and is a great way to make friends. Furthermore, yoga attracts people from all walks of life, so it can help to fight insularity in your young one.

Kids need to build their confidence – this will help them now and in the future. Yoga is a great confidence booster, because a kid will feel great. They’ll feel great after class, they’ll feel great in class after a couple of weeks, and they’ll also feel great when they’re on the playground and realize they can do handstands or hop on one leg!

Yoga is a perfect family event and is a terrific exercise for anyone, no matter their age. This might even be the perfect way for your kids to bond with their grandparents, as it’s a great activity for both of them!!

As a health professional, author Pam Johnson is familiar with what it takes to keep your children healthy. She is a nurse who obtained her degree from one of the best online rn to bsn degrees.

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