Mario and the Wench: Let the Halloween Activities Commence

I cannot believe it’s October ALREADY! And here I am decorating for Halloween and planning our costumes. Last year, I planned on dressing up as Laura Croft or someone equally as cool, but I didn’t predict that I’d be 8 months pregnant. Jayden, just a few months ago, said that he wanted to be Spiderman again… and I just may let him since I loved that costume so much. He has a few events that he’s going to, so he can switch up his costumes.

To help us with our Halloween dress up, we were sent some costumes for us to consider. I received the Cutthroat Pirate (aka Wench) which to my surprise ran big. Luckily, I’m toting around a baby because my pre-pregnancy self would not be flattered by the fit. I do think the costume is great for the $30 price point. The detailing is nice, the hat adds a nice touch, and the boot tops are pretty cool and strap on to any pair of shoes (preferably heels).

mario wench collage

Jayden received the Mario Bros costume and while I think it is a cute little costume, I’m feeling like it needs a little omph. I think I will get him some gloves and maybe I can find/make him a cape. That’ll make it pop. I found the hat to be hilarious especially since he had some hair on the side just like Mario. Oh, the costume came with the little mustache, but I didn’t want the adhesive backing to “unsticky” itself before he wears it during Halloween festivities. For $20, I’m not head over heels over the costume, but with some accessorizing, we can definitely make it work. And there’s no denying that my lil’ chocolate Mario adds a special touch :-).

Oh, decor. Let me show you guys what I picked up from Walmart. They had some pretty cool stuff.

halloween entry final

halloween window collage

New Halloween Finds

Spider Wall Decals – They are removable and stick to many surfaces. Gonna put some on the front door.
Skull Lanterns – I just had to have ’em. They gave off a classy vibe at an affordable price.
LCD Tealights – They look great with the Skull Lanterns and I don’t have to worry about candle drama.
Freaky Fabric – I’m in love with this stuff. I think I’ll be replacing the black with a more in a lighter color.
Dancing Mummy – It dances to “Thriller” and lights up. I had to have it!
Gel Clings – They are double-sided and can be applied straight from the sheet! I goofed a bit, I may reapply them.


Have you started shopping for costumes yet? Have you put up your Halloween decor?


I am a member of the Walmart Moms program. Walmart is compensating me for sharing our experience with our Halloween costumes and decor picks. My participation is voluntary and all words and opinions are always my own. Read my full disclosure policy here.

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