Having Nasty Toilets Freak Me Out

While I’m on a journey to greening my home, using eco-friendly cleaners and such, I fail/slip up/choose to use conventional cleaning projects on our toilets. I feel like the our toilets are the nastiest things in the house (our toilets are older, btw) and they NEED to be cleaned with some pretty tough stuff for me to genuinely feel that they are clean. So for small jobs around the bowl, I’ll use an eco-friendly cleaner, but I will do a routine mega cleanse with a conventional disinfecting cleanser to satisfy my need for clean. I have an extreme phobia of having guests use our bathrooms during ring-around-the-toilet syndrome, so I try, try, try to keep the toilets clean and if I know someone’s stopping by, I get to scrubbin’.

Some of my favorite products to use on our toilets are Seventh Generation and for extra oomph, Scrubbing Bubbles products. In the UK, one might use Domestos Zero Limescale. Domestos Zero Limescale is up to three times thicker than traditional toilet limescale removers and even grips below the waterline to destroy tough limescale that can harbor germs (ring-around-the-toilet syndrome).

While the ingredients used to create Domestos Zero Limescale may not be totally eco-friendly, they are working to ensure that their products are safer to use and are manufactured with a more efficient use of natural resources, to help protect the environment.

It’s a start…

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    May 10, 2011 at 1:11 PM

    lol Me, too. I frequently scrub and scrub, cleaning and disinfecting the bathroom, sort of my OC-R :D

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