Home Organization Tips: How to Find More Storage Space in Your Home


The pursuit of happiness may be the American dream, but the desire for a clean and organized home isn’t far behind. If you are like most of us, you probably justify your clutter by claiming not to have enough room for all your belongings. This, of course, is rarely true. Lack of room or storage options is seldom the problem. How you choose to use that room, however, may be the root of your problem

You free up more living space in your home by organizing your home and taking advantage of wasted space.

Crafts and Hobbies

Craft and hobby supplies can be difficult to organize and store, especially when space is limited, resulting it lost or misplaced items that cannot be found when needed. Try these tricks for getting your craft and hobby supplies organized.

  • Screw the covers to baby food jars to the underside of cabinets or shelves to create easy-to-see storage for small craft items, such a beads or buttons. Fill the jar and screw it into the cap for suspended storage at your fingertips.

  • Thread spools of ribbon, lace or other decorative items on a paper towel holder. The holder can be placed on a desk or mounted on the wall to keep items out of the way, while allowing you to use them with ease.

  • Gather like items together and store them in plastic totes. Tuck them under the bed or on a shelf until needed. By labeling each tote, you will be able to access craft supplies easily without sorting through all your supplies.


An organized bedroom does more than save space. It creates an inviting area for peace and relaxation while making getting dressed and ready for work a breeze, too. To save time and space, try these tips for organizing your bedroom.

  • Install coat hooks on the wall for hanging jewelry and accessories to get the clutter of your vanity. Not only will they be available at your fingertips, hanging them keeps them from tangling, too.

  • Tuck plastic totes under the bed for storing linens or seasonal clothing.

  • Use office organizers on your night stand or dresser for small items to keep them organized and out of the way.


Clutter in the kitchen can spell chaos on busy mornings or at dinnertime when the house is active. These tips will help you save time and space while preserving your sanity.

  • Adding organizers in drawers increases your storage space dramatically and makes your life easier as you put an end to rummaging through assorted utensils to find what you need. Look through the home and office section to find the size and shape that will work for your kitchen drawers.

  • A decorative jar, or an old mason jar, serves to hold frequently used utensils, such as spatulas and whisks. Place it near the stove for easy access when cooking.

  • Double your cabinet space with wire shelves that come in a variety of sizes. You can purchase rubber coated or decorative shelving that requires little or no hardware to install.  These handy shelves are great for taking advantage of wasted space above your mugs.

  • Hang mugs from under the cabinets. Decorative hooks are inexpensive and allow you to show off your coffee mugs while saving space in the cabinets for other items.


Bathrooms often serve as the central hub of activity in busy households. Saving space and time in the bathroom keeps things running smoothly while getting ready for the day.

  • Over the door hooks and hangers save the day when it comes to bathrooms. Think plush bathrobes and fluffy towels waiting as you exit the shower.

  • Under-the-sink storage areas can be expanded with shelving and make the perfect storage area for cleaning supplies.

  • Shoe organizers hung from the wall or over the back of the bathroom door, keep personal supplies within reach and sight while taking advantage of unused space.

  • Baskets hung over the showerhead provide added space for shampoo and other personal items.

  • Mesh shower curtain lines with pockets for easy storage in the shower allows kids to put their own items away, and best of all, the water drains into the shower keeping your bathroom floor dry.

Kids Rooms

Keeping kids rooms organized while giving them plenty of room to play does not need to be difficult.  With these easy to use storage and space-saving tips, their rooms will look good and stay organized too.

  • Toy hammocks hung in the corner make the perfect place to store stuffed animals and dolls and keep kids rooms looking good.

  • Brightly colored crates that fit under the bed allow kids to keep their toys organized and tucked out of sight.

  • Shoe organizers hung from the wall make great storage for small toys and keep them in reach.

Nannette Richford is a freelance writer from rural Maine where she lives with her family. When not writing about gardening, she can be found working in her garden where she has grown flowers, herbs and vegetables for over 25 years. Richford has extensive writing experience in gardening and landscape and has been published in influential online industry publications, including the San Francisco Chronicle (SF Gate), Garden Guides and Yahoo! Shine. She also publishes her own website Maine Garden Ideas. Connect with Nannette on Google+ and Twitter.

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