Guest Post: How Adoption Can Change Your Life


Adopting a child can make a big difference in your life. For many families, the adoption process is one that can turn lives on their heads. New faces, new relationships to build and new support networks to enforce all take time and attention to nurture. But for those who can see the process through to its conclusion, the difference you can make to a child’s chances is monumental. Those children who find the right adoptive homes will flourish, and with basic care and attention, these kids can find a better trajectory for their lives.

The decision to adopt will change your life permanently, and overnight. But most adoptive parents see this as a wholeheartedly positive thing. So what kinds of changes can you expect to your routine as a newly adoptive parent?

Any new family member will always require adjustment. It is the same for any new arrival, whether it is a newborn baby or an adopted child, and families will have to make changes to the way they live their lives to accommodate this new person. This can mean changes to living arrangements, schooling and even domestic relationships, including between siblings. As a parent in the process, adoption comes as a big responsibility, at least as sizeable as caring for your own children and often more challenging. As such, the life-changing impact of adoption is something parents and families should discuss and plan for before the event.

You may require additional living space, transport and child care arrangements. Additionally, adopted parents will be expected to pay for the development and upbringing of their adopted child, as if it were their own child. Becoming a child’s legal guardian bestows obligations on parents that they must meet now and in the future. That means ensuring your adopted child has the best possible platform on which to build their lives, through providing the right opportunities and experiences for personal development.

The home dynamic can be a particularly challenging area for adoptive parents to deal with, particularly where there are young siblings involved. While it is essential to conduct full and thorough dialogue with all family members before you start your application, it is not uncommon for the domestic balance of families to be disrupted by a new arrival. This can take some getting used to, both for parents and for other members of the family, and it is important to foster good family relationships and solidarity from an early stage. Again, active, conscious parenting is the best way to iron out these issues before, during and after the adoption process.

The decision to adopt a child is never one that should be taken lightly. Adoption agencies are of tremendous help to families approaching adoption for the first time, and the advice they can offer will be invaluable to the success of your application. Only with access to the right information and the best possible support networks can you hope to successfully complete the adoption process, and find a suitable match for your family and a child’s individual needs.

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