Following our lunch at Wendy’s, we took a trip to IKEA! It was my first time in an IKEA…EVAR. I was totally inspired. I got some ideas for our office and Jayden’s room. I found some pieces to serve as nightstands in our bedroom. The Aneboda drawer chest is a contender. I’d probably sand it and paint it a darker color. I totally want to get the Kura bed for Jayden, but I can get a loft bed from Walmart for about $70 less.

During our IKEA trip, I ended up buying more than I think I planned to, but I came in at my budget. I was so shocked! Here’s what I bought:

ikea finds3 GRUNDTAL Cutlery caddies
2 BYGEL 39 1/4″ Rails
2 BYGEL Wire baskets
BYGEL Dish drainer
LÄMPLIG Chopping board
6 POKAL Glasses
2 SIGNUM Gadget charging cups
365+ Can opener
LILLABO 3pk Toy Vehicles
KALAS Tumblers

After we shopped, we loaded our goodies in the van and went back in for dinner. We had the $3.99 Swedish Meatball dinner. It was scrumptious! IKEA really knows how to entice and keep their customers in their stores. I ain’t mad at that. We’re planning to take another trip closer to the Holidays, I can’t wait! I may get Jayden some little pots and pans since he’s taken interest in my new set. Sorry, those are mama’s toys!

P.S. I chose not to link to everything because I didn’t want this post to become an IKEA link farm as they didn’t sponsor this post. Get to searchin’!

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