In Memory Of Me (it’s not what you think)

Edited to add: Please do not be alarmed by this post! With the increase in online tragedies, I do not want this post to be taken the wrong way!

There are times when I lay thinking about life and…death. Usually past my bedtime.

My heart drops down to the pit of my stomach; I gasp for air.

My head spins although my eyes are closed. I open them, and I snap out of it.

I’m constantly thinking what can I do to ensure that my obituary is interesting?

Is that selfish of me?

I want to live a fulfilling life; explore, dream, pursue all of my passions. I want to be there for people – something that does not come easy because I am afraid of being a let down. Though, I want to help people genuinely when my heart tells me so, when I’m ready – not because I’m looking for some halo, not because it’s “the right thing to do”.

I want to be the grandmother, greatgrandmother even… that all the kids gravitate to. Grandma who creates memories through her lovin’ from the oven; photographs too.

I want to create traditions. I want to be spontaneous. Ride my life to the moon and back.

Life as I see it can be a hit or a miss.

My life’s gonna be a hit. That, I’m confident of.

I’m participating in Popinjay, a weekly concept photo challenge. This week’s challenge was confident. Next week’s challenge is abnormal. Join us why don’tchu?

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  • Sheena I'm sure your life will be a "hit". And you already know that I agree that you should follow your passions and pursue your dreams.

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  • Shelly says:

    Sheena, I feel the same way about life. I have already started special traditions that my husband and children look forward to. You would be amazed how the littlest things make the biggest impact. I am exactly who I want to be. Thank God. You are a remarkable woman and I know you will be that great grandmother you strive to be. You will be even more….

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  • 1stopmom says:

    I love that you say your life "is" going to be a hit! That is a wonderful way to see your life so you can enjoy it to the fullest. I think about how I want to be the grandma everyone can depend on and create memories too. Not too soon though, Jazz is only 16, lol!

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