Introducing… Jaxon Marley

Jaxon Marley

November 8th 2012 / 7lbs 6oz. 20 ¾ in

He arrived exactly two weeks early! Labor and delivery was quick and we were discharged the next day. Of course that all sounds fabulous, but it felt like we were in that hospital FOREVER! More on that later. Here are some Instagrams of our new addition. I promised to take it easy so I’ll get the “fancy” photos up later :-).

Jaxon Marley Tatum - 7lbs 6oz - more on the name later... no, I'm not a Bob STAN :-).

Brothers! Content after 2nd poop. He's getting some relief too, lol.

Waiting to go home. I keep accidentally calling him "Boogie". OMG he's his clone. Photo comparisons soon.

Thanks so much for all the kind words, well wishes, and congratulatory messages via Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. We really appreciate them :-). I’d also like to take the time to send positive thoughts and hugs out to those grieving or nursing their angels in NICU.

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